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Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., more commonly known as Warner Bros., is an American media company that currently holds the rights to the Jonny Quest franchise.

Acquiring Jonny Quest

Hanna-Barbera, the company that created the original Jonny Quest television series, was sold to Taft Broadcasting in late 1966, and Taft (later renamed Great American Broadcasting) was purchased by Turner Broadcasting System in late 1991.

On October 10, 1996, Turner Broadcasting System was acquired by Time Warner, the parent company of Warner Bros. at the time. The Hanna-Barbera company was absorbed into Warner Bros. Animation, with Warner Bros. handling production on new animation.

Divisions and subsidiaries

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Warner Bros. Television Distribution, later renamed Warner Bros. Television Studios, is the television production and distribution arm of Warner Bros. Entertainment. It is the distributor of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest TV series that aired from 1996 to 1997.

Warner Home Video

Warner Home Video is a division for releasing Warner Bros. media on DVD. It releases Jonny Quest DVDs.

Title Format Release date
Escape to Questworld Mini DVD June 8, 2004
Jonny Quest: The Complete First Season (Hanna-Barbera Golden Collection) DVD August 15, 2006
The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest: Season One, Volume One DVD February 17, 2009
Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest DVD June 23, 2015
Jonny Quest: The Complete First Season (Hanna-Barbera Diamond Collection) DVD June 6, 2017

Warner Archive Collection

The Warner Archive Collection is a home video division for releasing classic media from Warner Bros.' library. It releases Jonny Quest DVDs and Blu-rays.

Title Format Release date
Jonny's Golden Quest DVD August 9, 2011
Jonny Quest vs. the Cyber-Insects DVD August 9, 2011
The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest: Season One, Volume 2 DVD March 27, 2012
Jonny Quest: The Complete Eighties Adventures DVD April 18, 2014
The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest: The Complete Second Season DVD November 10, 2015
Jonny Quest: The Complete Original Series Blu-ray June 11, 2019

Warner Bros. Animation

Warner Bros. Animation is the animation studio that produced the direct-to-video film Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest in 2015.


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