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Vic Perrin was an actor who voiced the character Dr. Zin in the original 1964 Jonny Quest television series and in the 1980s television series.



From a 1990 article on Perrin's work in Starlog magazine:[1]

Hanna-Barbera called Perrin in for yet another critical audition; the role of Dr. Zin in a new animated adventure series, Jonny Quest. Zin, an evil Asian, was to be the show's recurring villain.

Perrin dazzled the producers with his malevolent accent and got the part. He played Zin in several legendary episodes, pushing the character's voice into a high- pitched drone. That voice caused Perrin some vocal problems— 25 years later. "They called me back for some new episodes, and I did three of them. However, it took two days to recover from the strain on my vocal chords of getting 'UP THERE AND BEING DR. ZIN.' I didn't feel comfortable with my performance, and had to tell them I couldn't squeeze my voice like that anymore."


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