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The Venture Bros. is a comedic animated television series that both parodies the original Jonny Quest series and includes Jonny Quest characters in some episodes.

Character archetype comparison

The Venture Bros. is a homage and parody of Jonny Quest. The setup of the main characters parallels the original Quest Team:

Main characters Jonny Quest Venture Bros.
Scientist father Dr. Benton Quest Dr. Thaddeus Venture
Adventurous sons Jonny and Hadji Hank and Dean
Family bodyguard Race Bannon Brock Samson
Pet dog Bandit Scamp

The pilot episode has several moments that parallel the original Jonny Quest series. The Venture team flies in a Dragonfly-like plane and the team is seated exactly as the Quest team sits in the Dragonfly, and this scene is featured in the opening sequence. The opening also features a spider-like robot, similar to Dr. Zin's robot spider.

Jonny Quest characters

Several of the original Jonny Quest characters are introduced in the series. Since The Venture Bros. and Jonny Quest are both owned by the same company, it was initially okay for The Venture Bros. to use the original characters' names. So Race Bannon and Jonny Quest both had their original names when they were introduced in seasons 1 and 2. But due to licensing concerns over how the characters were portrayed, the production team was later asked to change their names.

Main original series characters:

  • Race Bannon, later renamed "Red Bannon"
  • Jonny Quest, referred to initially as "Jonny" and "Mr. Quest", and later renamed "Action Johnny"
  • Hadji, called "Rajni"
  • Dr. Quest, deceased by the start of the series, he's referenced multiple times

Other original series characters:

  • Dr. Zin, called "Dr. Z", Jonny's former nemesis
  • Turu, the pterosaur from episode Turu the Terrible

Prominent non-canon characters:

  • Mrs. Z, Dr. Z's wife
  • Rajni's unnamed wife


  • Quest Bell One, a bathysphere (submersible), the design is taken from the episode Pirates from Below

Crossover episodes

List of episodes

Episode Aired Crossover appearance
1.09 Ice Station - Impossible! 2004 Race Bannon, Jonny (mentioned)
2.05 Twenty Years to Midnight 2006 Jonny
3.01 Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny 2008 Dr. Z (silhouette)
3.02 The Doctor is Sin 2008 Rajni, Johnny
3.03 The Invisible Hand of Fate 2008 Red (flashback)
3.05 The Buddy System 2008 Johnny, Dr. Z
3.09 Now Museum-Now You Don't 2008 Johnny (background cameo)
4.05 The Revenge Society 2009 Dr. Z (silhouette)
4.06 Self-Medication 2009 Johnny, Dr. Z
4.10 Pomp and Circuitry 2009 Dr. Z (silhouette)
4.16 Operation P.R.O.M. 2009 Johnny (mentioned)
5.01 What Color is Your Cleansuit? 2013
5.02 Venture Libre 2013 Turu
5.07 Bot Seeks Bot 2013 Dr. Z
6.00 All This and Gargantua-2 2015 Dr. Z
6.01 Hostile Makeover 2016 Dr. Z
6.03 Faking Miracles 2016 Dr. Z
6.05 Tanks for Nuthin' 2016 Dr. Z
6.06 It Happening One Night 2016 Dr. Z
6.07 A Party for Tarzan 2016 Dr. Z
7.02 The Rorqual Affair 2018 Dr. Z
7.03 Arrears in Science 2018 Dr. Z
7.04 The High Cost of Loathing 2018 Dr. Z
7.06 The Bellicose Proxy 2018 Dr. Z
7.08 The Terminus Mandate 2018 Johnny, Dr. Z, Red Bannon (flashback)
7.09 The Forecast Manufacturer 2018 Dr. Z
7.10 The Saphrax Protocol 2018 Dr. Z

Ice Station - Impossible!

Race Bannon is mortally injured while on a mission with the Office of Secret Intelligence. Brock Samson, an old friend of his, finds him and holds his hand while Race dies, and Race's last words are to tell Jonny he loves him. Brock completes Race's mission.

Twenty Years to Midnight

Jonas Jr. and the Captain go to the submersible Quest Bell One looking for a needed component, and they're surprised to find Jonny Quest - in his underwear, paranoid, holding a gun, and surrounded by pill bottles. The Captain convinces Jonny that Jonas Jr. is a doctor who can write him any prescription he needs, and Jonas Jr. plays along.

The Doctor is Sin

Rajni and Johnny

Rajni calls Jonas Jr. from the office as Johnny is having a breakdown behind him. Rajni doesn't know what to do, but his wife will leave him if he brings Johnny to the house again. Rajni says that Johnny is "like a brother" to him, reminding Jonas Jr. that he has his brother Rusty on the other line. At the mention of Rusty, Rajni jokes, "Has he asked you for money yet?" Jonas tries to transfer over to Rusty, but Rusty's left his phone. Rajni says, "Shit, did he hear us?"

The Invisible Hand of Fate

In a flashback from the agency, Red Bannon steps out of a room, covered in blood. Behind him in the room is a man tied to a chair, where Red has obviously been torturing him for information.

The Buddy System

At "Rusty's Day Camp for Boy Adventurers", Action Johnny is a featured guest. He has his own booth where he signs "baby pictures" of himself, which appear to be an eleven-year-old Jonny Quest. Action Johnny also appears on stage and speaks to the crowd, but he goes on a rant about his issues with his father and he has a breakdown on stage. Brock mentions that he liked him better when he was strung out.

Dean later gets Johnny's autograph, and Johnny tells him that if he "just says the word" he'll get Dean out of there because he doesn't need to live like that. Johnny is later upset that the program says he has a special guest star. On stage, Dr. Z arrives and tells him to give "Uncle Z" a hug. Johnny breaks down and is taken away, and Dr. Venture tells Dr. Z that Johnny's "been clean for a month" but he's been "downing xanax like they're cheetos".


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