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The Sea Haunt is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the 1960's Jonny Quest.


Out in the Java Sea, the Quest team get stuck on a boat that is being ravaged by a mysterious sea creature.


The Star of Borneo, a Dutch freighter ship traveling in the Java Sea, is attacked by a gruesome sea creature, leaving a grim fate.

While flying over the same area, the Quest team learn on the radio that the Star of Borneo has been lost, so they decide to try and find it. They happen upon it and manage to land their plane on its deck.

Inside the captain's cabin, they learn from the captain's logbook that the ship had been stopped by an engine problem, then attacked by a green sea creature too gruesome to describe, and that the captain and most of his crew were killed by the creature. Bandit is the first to discover the creature and alerts the others, with Jonny first catching a glimpse of it after it had destroyed their plane. Dr. Quest decides the safest place is inside the ship until someone picks them up. Meanwhile, the Quests' plane's disappearance has been noted in Batavia, and search parties have been sent out to look for them.

Whilst searching the ship, they find a man locked in the freezer, who introduces himself as Charlie, the ship's cook, who was hiding from the creature, which he calls "a dragon." Charlie informs them that the majority of the crew have fled, and he makes them dinner. He's unable to tell them about the ship's cargo other than that it consists of many long boxes. The creature soon starts destroying the rooms.

Bandit, terrified by the monster, jumps into the ship's hold; Jonny and Hadji search for him there, where they find a large number of coffins, in one of which Bandit is hiding, but which actually contain the valuable cargo, a fortune in gold bricks.

Meanwhile, knowing the creature is scared of light and possibly fire, Dr. Quest and Race fend the creature off with lights and acetylene torches, until it climbs to the top of the ship's mast, which Charlie shoots with the ship's harpoon-cannon, plunging the creature into the water. Shortly thereafter, the team and Charlie are spotted by a Dutch search-plane and are rescued.

The episode ends with a glimpse of the creature swimming underwater, returning to the depths from whence it came.



Main characters:

Supporting characters:


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  • Captain's journal
  • Gun
  • Flare guns
  • Torch guns



Tim Matthieson Jonny Quest
Danny Bravo Hadji
Don Messick Dr. Benton Quest
Mike Road Race Bannon
Keye Luke Charlie
Henry Corden Star of Borneo captain
Batavian captain
Sam Edwards Hans
Batavian radio operator
Search pilot 1


  • This episode reveals that Dr. Quest has at least a rudimentary understanding of Dutch, as he is able to translate the Dutch captain's logbook.
  • There is a rare example in this episode of an actual foreign language being spoken instead of the more usual foreign-sounding gibberish. When Charlie the cook is discovered, he cries out in actual Chinese; his voice actor, Keye Luke, was in fact Chinese-American.


  • When Hadji opens the camera to take out the picture, Jonny says, "That's a great picture... of your THUMB!" Not only is this a flub, it's also a physical impossibility. For Hadji to be able to hold the camera and take the picture of his thumb, he would have to have practically been holding the camera upside down. The scene itself clearly shows Hadji's third or "long finger" over the lens.
  • When the captain of the ship first confronts the sea monster, he shoots at him at least 13 times, but when the camera zooms in, the captain is holding a revolver. There is no revolver in the world with a 13-round cylinder, 6 in most cases.
  • When Charlie shoots the harpoon, he hits the ship's mast, splitting it in two, with the upper third of the mast falling into the ocean taking the monster with it. But in the scene that follows, the ship has a fully intact mast.
  • The episode is behind the times in referring to the capital city on Java as "Batavia," which had been its name as the capital of the Dutch East Indies. Since 1949 the Dutch East Indies had been the independent nation of Indonesia, and its capital had been renamed Jakarta. The last Dutch territory in the area, Netherlands New Guinea, had been ceded to Indonesia on May 1, 1963.
  • Sharks are depicted to hunt humans, but in reality, sharks don't go after humans as the latter is nowhere near as tasty as seals and dolphins. Also, shark attacks are very rare and they can mistake humans for prey.
    • Also, Race telling Charlie to keep splashing would be devastating as splashing attracts sharks because it tells an injured fish is nearby; easy prey. If the bullets pierced the sharks' bodies, blood coming out would've drove the sharks to a frenzy.

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Hadji: "Do not worry, Bandit. Nothing will happen to you that does not also happen to us.
Jonny: "There's a happy thought."


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