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Season two of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest aired from 1996 to 1997, overlapping its air dates with season one.

Cast and characters

Character Season 2 cast
Jonny Quest Quinton Flynn
Hadji Singh Rob Paulsen
Jessie Bannon Jennifer Hale
Dr. Benton Quest John de Lancie
Race Bannon Sonny Van Dusen (episodes 1-6)
Robert Foxworth (episodes 7-26)
Bandit Frank Welker


# Title Air Date Writer Transcript
1 27 The Mummies of Malenque Sep 18, 1996 Glenn Leopold Transcript

The Quests find a devastating plague that destroyed an ancient tribe.

2 28 Rock of Rages Sep 28, 1996 Lance Falk Transcript

The Quest team tries to stop a former KGB operative from creating a golem.

3 29 Bloodlines Dec 13, 1996 Glenn Leopold Transcript

Hadji goes to Calcutta and stumbles across the truth of his past.

4 30 Race Against Danger Dec 16, 1996 Lance Falk Transcript

Race must cross an obstacle course he once knew well, but which someone has altered dramatically in the years since.

5 31 The Dark Mountain Dec 17, 1996 Glenn Leopold Transcript

The Quests search for the truth behind a rash of Bigfoot sightings and the mystery of why the monster is stealing electronic components.

6 32 Cyberswitch Dec 18, 1996 Glenn Leopold Transcript

Surd uses a customized program in Questworld to switch bodies with Race, and Dr. Quest is the only one who can reverse the process.

7 33 Undersea Urgency Dec 19, 1996 Lance Falk Transcript

Dr. Quest takes Jonny and Jessie to an undersea research facility, when murderous amphibians are released by an underwater earthquake.

8 34 Nemesis Dec 20, 1996 Glenn Leopold Transcript

Zin holds the world hostage using a satellite he's stolen and modified.

9 35 DNA Doomsday Dec 23, 1996 Robert Goodman, Glenn Leopold Transcript

An organic computer goes out of control during a test of military defenses.

10 36 Ghost Quest Dec 25, 1996 Glenn Leopold Transcript

Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji stumble upon an island with a tragic history.

11 37 Nuclear Netherworld Dec 26, 1996 Lance Falk, Chip Baloo Transcript

On a visit to Jonny's grandfather's ranch, the boys discover a uranium mine hidden beneath a biodome.

12 38 Eclipse Dec 27, 1996 Glenn Leopold Transcript

Hadji falls under the spell of a beautiful New Orleans girl.

13 39 Without a Trace Dec 30, 1996 Melody Fox, Michael Ryan Transcript

Dr. Quest and Race are accused when Air Force One vanishes, and the boys race to prove their fathers' innocence.

14 40 Village of the Doomed Dec 31, 1996 Glenn Leopold Transcript

Out for some father-son bonding over fishing, Dr. Quest and Jonny get stuck in a small town of Wychford where everyone is tranquil and happy.

15 41 Dark Sentinel Feb 10, 1997 Michael Ryan, Melody Fox Transcript

The Quest team discovers that Cameroon villagers can handle the threat posed by a logging team.

16 42 Other Space Feb 11, 1997 Lance Falk Transcript

When scientists open a portal, beings from another dimension begin coming through and laying claim to the Earth.

17 43 Digital Doublecross Feb 12, 1997 Glenn Leopold Transcript

While playing a videogame in Questworld, Jonny and Jessie become the victims of a sleeper virus imported by Surd. Now Race has to find Surd himself who is currently in prison and get the abort code from him before it is too late.

18 44 Thoughtscape Feb 13, 1997 Lance Falk Transcript

Surd attacks the Quest team from inside, using Jesse's mind.

19 45 The Bangalore Falcon Feb 14, 1997 Glenn Leopold Transcript

The team finds a rare falcon from a legendary land said to possess a river of immortality.

20 46 Diamonds and Jade Mar 14, 1997 Shaun McLaughlin, Lance Falk Transcript

The team helps an old friend recover a jewel which seems surrounded by a strange force.

21 47 The Edge of Yesterday Mar 17, 1997 Michael Ryan Transcript

Ezekiel Rage tries to set off a nuclear bomb deep beneath the Earth's crust, and Jonny and Jessie use Dr. Quest's time travel program to stop him in the past.

22 48 The Haunted Sonata Mar 18, 1997 Glenn Leopold Transcript

Jonny and Jesse follow a ghost to a half-finished sonata in the Czech Republic.

23 49 General Winter Mar 26, 1997 Lance Falk Transcript

General Vostok kidnaps Dr. Quest to perfect the Bifrost Effect into a super weapon.

24 50 Night of the Zinja Apr 14, 1997 Glenn Leopold Transcript

Dr. Zin, on his deathbed, wishes for his daughters to carry on his legacy against the Quests.

25 51 The Robot Spies Apr 15, 1997 Lance Falk Transcript

Dr. Zin unleashes his robot spiders in a final showdown against Dr. Quest and his family.

26 52 More Than Zero Apr 16, 1997 Michael Ryan Transcript

Dr. Quest explores a Venetian haunted house where two scientists are eager to show him their work.

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