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Season one of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest aired from 1996 to 1997, overlapping its air dates with season two.

Cast and characters

Character Season 1 cast
Jonny Quest J.D. Roth
Hadji Singh Michael Benyaer
Jessie Bannon Jesse Douglas
Dr. Benton Quest George Segal
Race Bannon Robert Patrick
Bandit Frank Welker


# Title Air Date Writer Transcript
1 The Darkest Fathoms Aug 26, 1996 Peter Lawrence, Harv Zimmel Transcript

Dr. Quest takes the team to the Bermuda, where oil explorers claim to have seen the ghost of Black Jack Lee in the same place he went down with his ship.

2 Escape to Questworld Aug 27, 1996 Richard Merwin, Peter Lawrence Transcript

Jeremiah Surd's nerve gas is uncovered and will cover all of Chicago if Race and Dr. Quest don't diffuse the bomb in time.

3 In the Realm of the Condor Aug 28, 1996 Peter Lawrence Transcript

The Quest team head to Peru to search for a missing professor, leading them to El Dorado.

4 Rage's Burning Wheel Aug 29, 1996 Glenn Leopold, Michael Ryan Transcript

Ezekiel Rage hijacks a space shuttle, which Dr. Quest and Hadji are also on, so he can get to a space station to spread a poison over the Earth.

5 Ndovu's Last Journey Aug 30, 1996 Michael Ryan, Peter Lawrence Transcript

Jonny is chosen to guide an elephant to its sacred resting place, before two poachers kill it first.

6 Manhattan Maneater Sep 2, 1996 Peter Lawrence, Richard T. Murphy Transcript

A tiger stalks Manhattan, and it's up to Jonny, Hadji, and Jessie to save it from being hunted.

7 East of Zanzibar Sep 3, 1996 Peter Lawrence Transcript

Sea monsters are rumored to be responsible for vanishing ships in the Seychelles.

8 Assault on Questworld Sep 4, 1996 Samuel Graham, Chris Hubbell, Michael Ryan Transcript

Surd traps Hadji's mind in Questworld as a bargaining chip to get Dr. Quest and Race into cyberspace, but this is just another ploy to get all the kids into Questworld, and trap them there forever, while the Quest Compound is destroyed.

9 Ezekiel Rage Sep 5, 1996 Glenn Leopold Transcript

After a botched covert operations job leaves Ezekiel Rage's family dead, he blames the government and vows revenge.

10 Alien in Washington Sep 6, 1996 Peter Lawrence, Matthew Malach Transcript

Transmissions from space contain warnings to halt space experiments.

11 Return of the Anasazi Sep 9, 1996 Peter Lawrence Transcript

Dr. Quest gets called to Roswell, New Mexico, by an old friend, Alice Starseer, when she is investigated by shady government agents.

12 The Alchemist Sep 10, 1996 Peter Lawrence Transcript

Dr. Montegue steals the Philosopher's Stone to learn the secrets of how to make gold for himself, but when he becomes corrupted by its power he kidnaps Hadji to continue his scheme.

13 Trouble on the Colorado Sep 11, 1996 Samuel Graham, Chris Hubbell, Michael Ryan Transcript

Surd wants to learn the secrets of Anasazi after discovering the alien beacon left behind by Alice Starseer.

14 In the Wake of Mary Celeste Sep 12, 1996 Chris Trengove Transcript

Dr. Quest goes on a search for the legendary Mary Celeste, where it mysteriously disappeared in the Sargasso Sea.

15 Amok Sep 13, 1996 Chris Hubbell, Samuel Graham, Michael Ryan Transcript

The Quest team run into a jungle creature that can appear from all corners.

16 Besieged in Paradise Sep 14, 1996 Chris Hubbell, Samuel Graham, Michael Ryan Transcript

Surd wants to use Questworld to tap into the sonic "internet"-like frequency of whales, thereby turning them against the Quest team.

17 The Spectre of the Pine Barrens Sep 17, 1996 Matthew Malach Transcript

Dr. Quest, Jonny, and Hadji search for the Jersey Devil and discover a centuries old rivalry.

18 Heroes Sep 18, 1996 Matthew Malach, Peter Lawrence Transcript

Jonny attempts to rebuild a broken statue head of Apollo in Questworld. However, Surd also takes an interest in the statue and plans to use it in another nefarious scheme to make trouble for the Quest Team.

19 The Ballad of Belle Bonnet Sep 19, 1996 Peter Lawrence, Michael Ryan Transcript

A ghostly thief guards a cache of gold that long ago cost her her life in the Old West.

20 In the Darkness of the Moon Sep 23, 1996 Peter Lawrence, Michael Ryan, Michael Maurer Transcript

Race falls for a mysterious woman while the team investigates a werewolf attack.

21 The Secret of the Moai Sep 24, 1996 John Pelinski Transcript

Surd is using an alien craft to experiment with human de-evolution.

22 Expedition to Khumbu Sep 25, 1996 Peter Lawrence, Harv Zimmel Transcript

On an expedition to find the Yeti, the team finds a scientist bent on taking the monster in dead or alive.

23 Ice Will Burn Sep 26, 1996 Peter Lawrence, Michael Ryan Transcript

Jessie crashes into Siberia and finds a tribe of ancient Russians living underground.

24 Future Rage Oct 29, 1996 Glenn Leopold Transcript

The Aurora Borealis is the key to preventing rogue government agent Rage from using a nuclear device.

25 Alligators and Okeechobee Vikings Nov 1, 1996 Peter Lawrence Transcript

When alligators attack a drilling facility in the Everglades, they leave behind a Viking sword.

26 To Bardo and Back Jan 2, 1997 Peter Lawrence, Dean Caccamo, Michael Ryan Transcript

Race is in a coma after a rodeo accident, and his friends seek help from Questworld.