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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest is a book series from HarperCollins based on the television series of the same name.

The series ran from August 1996 to 1998. It consists of eleven books, which were written by Terry Bisson and others under the pseudonym Brad Quentin.


Main recurring characters:

Additional prominent characters:


# Title Ghostwriter First published ISBN-13 (NA)
1 The Demon of the Deep Terry Bisson Aug 1996 978-0-06-105715-1
The Quest team are cruising the ocean to photograph the giant squid for the first time. When Hadji and Dr Quest lose contact with the surface, Jonny goes to investigate. He finds them captives of an insane Nazi submarine commander who is unaware that World War II has been over for 50 years.
2 The Forbidden City of Luxor tba Aug 1996 978-0-06-105716-8
Strange lights and noises have been sighted over the deserted city of Luxor in India. The Quest team go to investigate the city, which is located in the midst of a huge wildlife preserve. There they must battle villains who are seeking the phenomena to exploit for profit.
3 The Pirates of Cyber Island tba Oct 1996 978-0-06-105717-5
Power-hungry computer hackers are stealing information in cyberspace. They are also hijacking ships which are carrying computer equipment and nuclear weapons. When Jonny, Hadji and Race are kidnapped while investigating, they must use their survival skills and computer expertise to escape.
4 Peril in the Peaks Terry Bisson Dec 1996 978-0-06-105718-2
A "ghost" plane is attacking pilots flying in the Himalayas. A friend of Race Bannon's requests the team's help. The Quest plane is shot down and Bannon appears to fall to his death. The adults are captured by bandits, leaving Jonny, Hadji and Jessie in a Shangri-la type valley, hidden by clouds.
5 Evil Under the Ice tba Feb 1997 978-0-06-105719-9
While setting up camp in Antarctica, where a runaway glacier threatens to destroy the last truly wild area on the planet, the Quest Team must pilot their tiny Porpoise sub under the Ross Ice Shelf to find out if it is a natural disaster or a new kind of worldwide terrorism.
6 The Monsters from Beyond Time tba Apr 1997 978-0-06-105720-5
Hearing strange reports of prehistoric monsters in the Venezuelan jungle, Jonny and the Quest Team find themselves in a primeval wilderness, desperately battling a half-man, half-dinosaur creature.
7 Journey into Q-Space tba Jun 1997 978-0-06-105721-2
Asked to test QuestWorld's ultimate virtual reality experience, Jonny, Hadji, and Jessie are launched into an unknown world aboard the experimental Q-Ship, only to come face to face with their bitter enemy, Jeremiah Surd, who has also penetrated the cyberspace universe.
8 Attack of the Evil Cyber-God Terry Bisson Sep 1997 978-0-06-105722-9
When Jonny investigates the strange disappearance of software programs from the Internet, he comes face to face with an entity that is devouring all the world's computer data, and, in the process, growing ever more powerful.
9 Trouble on Planet Q tba Nov 1997 978-0-06-105723-6
Jonny and Hadji must enter a world of virtual reality in order to decide whether Q-Space is truly magical or a sinister scientist is behind the simulation, and they must choose sides in a battle of witchery versus science in order to save Dr. Benton Quest.
10 The Lake of Terror tba Jan 1998 978-0-06-105724-3
Another adventure with Johnny Quest - this time involving the mysterious creature of the lake. It was like the Loch New Monster - a legendary creature that lurked in the waters of Lake Benedict.
11 The War of the Wizards tba Mar 1998 978-0-06-105725-0
Jonny Quest must stop his evil, computer-produced clone from hijacking a new NASA supercomputer.

Notes / trivia

  • Hadji is named Hadji Bingh in the novels, which is how he's named in various marketing material for The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest series.
  • The novels have multiple discrepancies with the television series and with other books in the series. Race is stated to be former Navy SEAL in one of the books,[1] and a former Marine in another. In one book, Jessie is stated to have her father's eyes and "jet black hair",[2] but she has neither in the main series, and Race also doesn't have black hair in the main series.
  • The cover and insider art for all the books was done by Larry Navarro.



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  1. The Demon of the Deep
  2. The Forbidden City of Luxor