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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest is a comic book series from Dark Horse Comics based on the television series of the same name.

The series ran for one year from September 1996 to September 1997. It consists of twelve issues and three special issues.


Main recurring characters:


Issue # Chapter/s Released
Special #1 Knave of Diamonds September 1996
Special #2 An Ill Wind September 1996
Special #3 Winning Technology September 1996
#1 Net of Chaos Chapter 1 September 01, 1996
#2 Net of Chaos Chapter 2 October 01, 1996
#3 Net of Chaos Chapter 3 November 01, 1996
#4 Net of Chaos Chapter 4 December 01, 1996
#5 Surd in the Machine / An Infinite Monkey January 01, 1997
#6 Countdown to Chaos February 01, 1997
#7 Hell on Earth: The Movie / Family Man March 01, 1997
#8 Doorway to Infinity Part I / Endgame May 01, 1997
#9 Doorway to Infinity Part II June 11, 1997
#10 Impossible Artifacts Part I July 09, 1997
#11 Impossible Artifacts Part II / Face of Shiva August 06, 1997
#12 The Eyes of Rapa Nui September 03, 1997


Titan Comics UK release

Titan Comics re-released the series in the UK. Six issues were definitely released, and up to nine were advertised. It was cancelled mid-1997.[1]

Titan's issues were not a direct re-release of the Dark Horse versions, and they released the stories in different order. For instance, the Dark Horse issues #1-4 included the story "Net of Chaos" in four chapters, while the Titan issues #3 and #6 (and presumably issues #4 and #5) include chapters of this story. The story "Hell on Earth: The Movie" was in Dark Horse issue #7, but Titan issue #3 includes this story instead.

Titan issues

Issue # Cover date Chapter/s Freebie
01 Oct 1996 Toy (varies)
02 Dec 1996 Countdown to Chaos
03 Jan 1997 Net of Chaos (part 1) / Hell on Earth: The Movie Stickers
04 Feb 1997 Trading cards
05 Mar 1997
06 Apr 1997 The Eyes of Rapa Nui part 2 / An Infinite Memory / Net of Chaos part 4[2] Collectors cards

Titan covers

More images of issue #3:

Modern Times Greek release

The series was released in Greek as "Τζονι Κουεστ" (Jonny Quest) by Modern Times.[3] The first two issues were released in 1997, and later re-released together as a volume in September 1997.[4]

The titles for the two issues are:[5]

  1. Περιπλάνηση στα Καρπάθια (Wandering in the Carpathians)
  2. Το μυστικό του Γιάνος (The secret of Gianos)


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