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A Jonny Quest toy line was released in August 1996 by Galoob to correspond with the release of the 1996 television series The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.

The toy line consisted of regular-size action figures and Micro Machines.


Descriptions from the back of the boxes:

In a chaotic world, where madmen plot to melt the polar ice caps and tigers roam free on the streets of New York, Jonny Quest is on a mission to set things right! From Siberia to the Serengeti, travel with Jonny and his intrepid globe-hopping crew. Or take a techno-trip to the virtual reality universe of Questworld and help fight to save the world from parallel-world plunderers and virtual aliens. Get real and create your own action-packed Jonny Quest adventures!

Description on Galoob's Jonny Quest page:[1]

GET REAL! Get ready to take a techno-trip to the world of Jonny Quest™. We're presenting a hot new toy line based on the all-new animated series from Turner Home Entertainment and Hanna-Barbera. Jonny Quest™ and his globe-hopping Quest Team will take you on exotic adventures all over the map, from Siberia to cyberspace. The 1996 Jonny Quest™ toy line from Galoob includes figures and vehicles from the Real World and the virtual reality realm of QuestWorld™, a cyber universe of light and shadow where anything is possible. Our 5 Real World Collections include 2 fully articulated, highly detailed and decorated 3.5"-tall action figures per pack, along with lots of great adventure accessories and features. The QuestWorld™ Collections include a clear, fully articulated, 4"-tall QuestWorld™ action figure with a light-up QuestWorld™ vehicle, clip-on armor and spring-fired weapons. To transport the Quest Team across the globe, we're introducing the Quest Rover™, Quest Porpoise™ and QuestWorld Cyber Copter™ vehicles. They're all loaded with plenty of action features and spring fired weapons, and carry any 2 Jonny Quest™ figures inside.

Take a techno-trip to QuestWorld™ at the official website for Jonny Quest™. Check out episodes, bios and adventures. You can even chat with others about your favorite members of the Quest team!

List of toy sets

The following is a list of sets released for the Jonny Quest toy line.

Real World Collections

The following are toys in the Jonny Quest Real World Collections toy line. All sets were released in August 1996 with an approximate retail price of $9.99.

Set No. Package name / Features include Preview image
JQ1 74871

Night Stryker Jonny Quest and Silent Storm Jessie

  • Jonny's Stealth Hang Glider
  • Jessie's Samurai Sword
  • Attack Bandit
Galoob JQ1.gif
JQ2 74872

X-treme Action Jonny Quest and Desert Stealth Hadji

  • Jonny's X-treme Dry Lake Boat
  • Hadji's working Bow and Arrow
Galoob JQ2.gif
JQ3 74873

Shuttle Pilot Jonny Quest and Drop Zone Race

  • Jonny's Turbo Jet-Pak
  • Race's working parachute
Galoob JQ3.gif
JQ4 74874

Deep Sea Race and Safari Stryker Hadji

  • Race's Spear Gun
  • Hadji's Bullwhip
  • Tent
  • Tiger
Galoob JQ4.gif
JQ5 74875 Jungle Commando Dr. Quest and Evil Ezekial Rage
  • Dr. Quest's NAVSAT Pack
  • Evil Ezekial's Arms of Destruction
Galoob JQ5.gif
JQ6 74876 Biathlete Jessie and Wild Blaze Race
  • Race's Firefighter backpack
  • Jessie's Rifle
Galoob JQ6 set.jpg
JQ7 74877 Wild Wrangler Jonny Quest and Biohazard Hadji
  • Jonny's Rattlesnake
  • Hadji's Spring-trap Cage
Galoob JQ7 box.jpg
JQ8 74878 Motorcross Hadji and Island Storm Race
Galoob JQ8 set.jpg
JQ9 Dino Trakker Jonny Quest and Nuke Control Dr. Quest
  • Note: Unreleased
JQ10 Mr. Vice President Alien and Wild River Jonny Quest
  • Note: Unreleased
JQ11 Renegade Ezekial Rage and Explosives Unit Race
  • Note: Unreleased

Questworld Collections

The following are toys in the Jonny Quest Questworld Collections toy line. All sets were released in August 1996 with an approximate retail price of $12.99.

Set No. Package name / includes Preview image
QW1 74923 Cyber Cycle Jonny Quest
  • Questworld Jonny
  • Cool, cyber-clear, light-up Questworld cycle with rolling wheels
  • Clip-on armor
  • Spring-fired weapons
Galoob QW1.gif
QW2 74924 Cyber Suit Hadji
  • Questworld Hadji
  • Cool, cyber-clear, light-up Questworld exo-suit
  • Exo-suit also poseable
  • Clip-on armor
  • Spring-fired weapons
Galoob QW2.gif
QW3 74925 Cyber Jet Race
  • Questworld Race
  • Cool, cyber-clear, light-up jet
  • Clip-on armor
  • Spring-fired weapons
Galoob QW3.gif
QW4 74926 Cyber Trax Surd Villain
  • Questworld Surd
  • Cool, cyber-clear, light-up tank with rolling treads
  • Clip-on armor
  • Spring-fired weapons
Galoob QW4.gif
QW5 74927 Cyber Charger Jessie
  • Note: Limited release
Galoob QW5 Cyber Charger Jessie.jpg
QW6 74928 Cyber Rex Surd
  • Note: Limited release
Galoob QW6 Cyber Rex Surd.jpg
QW7 Cyber Scorpion Jonny Quest
  • Note: Unreleased

Real World Vehicles

The following are toys in the Jonny Quest Real World Vehicles toy line. All toys were released in August 1996 with an approximate retail price of $16.99.

No. Package name / Features include Preview image
74889 Quest Rover with Exclusive Expedition Race
  • Exclusive Expedition Race figure with metallic winch-backpack, pickax, shovel and jerry can
  • Real-feel tires and metallic wheels
  • Opening tailgate with spring-loaded NAVSAT Communication Center
  • Removable hard top
  • Firing capture net
  • Clutch-claw running boards
  • Spring-loaded "basher" bumper
  • Carries any 2 Jonny Quest figures
Galoob Quest Rover.gif
74890 Quest Porpoise with Exclusive Deep Dive Jonny
  • Exclusive Deep Dive Jonny figure with helmet, fins, tank and regulator
  • Working propeller moves sub through the water
  • Really floats
  • Spring-fired torpedo launcher
  • Underwater salvage hatch/winch
  • Secret capture claw
  • Rolling wheels
  • Folding periscope
  • Carries any 2 Jonny Quest figures
Galoob Quest Porpoise.gif
74941 Quest Aerohawk with Exclusive Barnstormer Jonny
Galoob Quest Aerohawk box.jpg
74942 Quest Ice Runner with Exclusive Arctic Rescue Jonny
Galoob Quest Ice Runner box.jpg
74943 Quest Wave Ranger with Exclusive Reef Ranger Hadji
Quest Wave Ranger box.jpg

Questworld Vehicles

The Jonny Quest Questworld Vehicles toy line consisted of just one toy. It was released on August 1996 with an approximate retail price of $24.99.

No. Package name / Features include Preview image
74844 Questworld Cyber Copter with Exclusive Questworld Race
  • Transforms into soft-bodied beast with real-feel light up brain
  • Spring-fired tri-missile launcher
  • Spinning roto blades
  • Opening jaw with secret weapon
  • Folding landing skids and claws
  • Cool contoured cockpit fits any 2 Jonny Quest figures
  • And more
Galoob Questworld Cyber Copter.gif
Questworld Cyber Gyroblade with Exclusive Questworld Dr. Quest
  • Note: Limited release
  • Light-up copter with opening canopy and side panels
  • Spring-loaded cyber missiles
  • Pivoting guns, movable rudder, night-vision cockpit
Galoob Questworld Cyber Gyroblade.jpg

Micro Machines

Galoob also released several toys for Jonny Quest Micro Machines. Six Jonny Quest Adventure Collections toy sets and two Jonny Quest Playsets were released.

Other toys

No. Package name / Features include

Jonny Quest Alpine Premium Figure

  • Note: Mail order; it was obtained by sending proofs of purchase to Galoob.
  • Ice pick
  • Backpack
Galoob Questworld Shadow Slayer.jpg

Questworld Shadow Slayer

  • Note: Unreleased
  • Colossal QuestWorld beast with awesome lights and sounds!
  • Giant beast stands 18" tall and has monster arms and head that move with destructive power
  • Features cyber lights, fearsome thunder roar, firing missiles and secret compartments that hold Jonny Quest figures
  • You create the light, sound and attack action with special puppet-like hand controls
  • Requires 4 "AA" batteries, not included
  • Ages 4 and up


In June 1995, Galoob announced that they had won the license from Turner to release Jonny Quest toys, and that they would launch a line of action figures and other toys for the new series.[2][3][4] This was part of a "$100 million-plus marketing and merchandising drive for the new The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest".[5]

The toys came out in the fall of 1996, corresponding with the release of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest television series.[6]

In 1997, Galoob discontinued its Jonny Quest toy line – along with all its male action toy lines – to focus exclusively on its Star Wars toys.[7]


Goofs and inconsistencies:


Toy Catalog

The toy catalog was released with the Pizza Hut Quest Packs.


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