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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, also known by its onscreen title card as Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures, is a science-fiction action-adventure animated television series that aired from 1996 to 1997.

While the series was somewhat promoted as a sequel/continuation to the original 1960's series, with the team just being a couple years older, it made some notable changes to established canon. In particular, Hadji is now two years older than Jonny, his mystical abilities are much more subtle, and he's Dr. Quest's assistant. The series basically ignores other versions of the series such as the 80's series, but it draws some elements from the two TV films, such as remaking Jessie's character.

The Quest team embark on a series of new discoveries and adventures and battle three dangerous adversaries: the villainous scientist Dr. Jeremiah Surd, vengeful former government agent Ezekiel Rage and Dr. Quest's scheming arch-rival Dr. Zin.


Character Season 1 cast Season 2 cast
Jonny Quest J.D. Roth Quinton Flynn
Hadji Singh Michael Benyaer Rob Paulsen
Jessie Bannon Jesse Douglas Jennifer Hale
Dr. Benton Quest George Segal John de Lancie
Don Messick (some lines)
Race Bannon Robert Patrick Sonny Van Dusen (episodes 1-6)
Robert Foxworth (episodes 7-26)
Bandit Frank Welker Frank Welker

When the production team was changed between seasons, the voice cast was predominantly replaced, with only Frank Welker remaining on. The season two team brought back several voice actors from previous versions of the series:

  • Paulsen reprises his role as Hadji from the 80s series and the two '90s television films.
  • Messick, who previously voiced Dr. Quest, recorded lines for the first four episodes, but his deteriorating health led to recasting the role with de Lancie. A distinct line of Messick's can be heard in Rock of Rages, when Dr. Quest says, "And not a moment too soon!"
  • Van Dusen reprises his role as Race Bannon from the '80s series and the two television films of the '90s. He was credited as Granville Van Dusen in those appearances.

List of episodes

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The series consists of 52 episodes, with 26 episodes in two seasons. The two seasons overlapped in air dates.

Season Episodes Premiere episode Premiere date Finale episode Finale date
One 26 The Darkest Fathoms August 26, 1996 To Bardo and Back January 2, 1997
Two 26 The Mummies of Malenque September 18, 1996 More Than Zero April 16, 1997

Expanded series and merchandising

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest had tie-in material, merchandise, and promotional events.


Games, toys, and merchandise:



Home video releases on VHS:

Home video releases on DVD:


  • This is the only mainstream incarnation to show Jonny and Hadji in their mid-teens. Everything, except for the alternate universe series, Future Quest, has depicted them as their 1960s preteen incarnations. Because of this, it would appear that The Real Adventures is no longer canon, as intended by the people involved.
  • The show was intended to be one season of 65 episodes, but production problems cut it down to 52. The series was split between two production groups with vastly different styles in terms of continuity and animation style. As if that wasn't confusing enough, both styles were aired at the same time. To set them a part from each, they have gotten labelled as two different "seasons," which was how Warner Home Video and the Warner Archive Collection treated them when they were released onto DVD.


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