The Mummies of Malenque is the first episode of the second season of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, and the twenty-seventh overall.



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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:



  • Medallion
  • Plague round-bottom flasks
  • Sonic blaster


  • Jeep
  • Quest helicopter
  • Dragonfly (Quest map only)


Quinton Flynn Jonny Quest
Rob Paulsen Hadji Singh
Jennifer Hale Jessie Bannon
John de Lancie Dr. Benton Quest
Sonny Van Dusen Race Bannon
Frank Welker Bandit
Fernando Escandon Dr. Rabel Salazar
Castulo Guerra Colonel Salazar
Tonyo Melendez José
Teresa Saldana Estella
B.J. Ward Iris


  • This episode replaces the season 1 production crew and main cast, although due to scheduling, season 1 aired alongside season 2 (although this is mostly because there technically is only one season, but the changes make it easier to split the fifty-two episodes in half as two seasons. which is how Warner Home Video released them onto DVD).
    • Unlike season 1, which didn't attempt to be consistent with the original series, worked to bridge the gap between both shows while fixing the mistakes of the TV film, Jonny's Golden Quest, which had Jade (with a different ethnic background) be the ex-wife of Race, who bore their child named Jessie. Lance Falk, a fan of the original show, created the new character of Estella, who was now the ex-wife of Race. The true Jade later reappeared in Diamonds and Jade.
    • Race no longer has the Texan accent.
    • Dr. Quest has orange hair again (albeit with white temples), which had been changed to brown, but could also never stay consistent, so sometimes gray streaks were added, while other times it was full-on gray (sometimes with different shades).
    • Rob Paulsen and Granville Van Dusen (now credited as Sonny Van Dusen), cast members from the 80's show and 90's TV films, reprise their roles of Hadji and Race, respectively. Van Dusen was replaced seven episodes later by Robert Foxworth.
    • Incidentally, Quinton Flynn and Jennifer Hale already voiced characters in season 1 of Real Adventures.
  • Don Messick reprised his role of Dr. Quest for four episodes, but his health made him unable to follow directions of the character's emotions aside from the gentle dad, so he was replaced by John de Lancie.
  • B.J. Ward is uncredited as Iris from the Quest Byte.


  • When Louis is first affected by the plague, his eyes hollow out, but when they're back when Jonny and Race find him.
  • Rob Paulsen is credited for a medicine man and a Rudy.

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Race: "Ah, come on, Estella. Couldn't you find a less dangerous place for a mother-daughter vacation?"
Jessie: "Dad."
Race: "I come to pick up my daughter, my ex-wife has lost her and I find her chin deep in quicksand."
Estella: "I just love it when you play the over protective papa, Race. I suppose you've never taken her anywhere dangerous."
Jessie: "Mom."

Hadji: "Now, if we could just avoid those thugs and their mummy-snatching employer, perhaps we can..."
Jonny: "Avoid them?! I wanna find out exactly what this doctor is up to."
Jessie: "I'm right behind you, Jonny. Coming, Hadji?"
Hadji: (sigh) "Why am I always out voted?"


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