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Terror Island is the twenty-fourth episode of the 1960's Jonny Quest.


A mad scientist in Hong Kong captures Dr. Quest, to perfect his formula in supersizing animals.


In a Chinese lab on Moytu Island off the coast of Hong Kong, a man is seen checking on birds and other animals. When he opens one cage, he finds something scary and dangerous. Several crashes can be heard as the man quickly closes it. He goes to the emergency caller to get help. As the cage finally breaks, a large, red claw pokes out. The animal is a giant, red crab! The man takes his gun out and starts shooting, but his bullets bounce off the crab's thick shell. The man escapes and the crab goes on a rampage. The crab sees a guard and attacks. The guard tries to shoot, but his gun gets destroyed by the crab and the giant grabs the man and pulls him away, and supposedly kills him. More guards start shooting, but they still won't hurt the crab. The giant crab escapes the island as it heads to the sea. It can now roam free in the sea to have a better life.

The Quests were getting a ride by Chinese people on bikes and Jonny wanted to take over one, but he fell into the ocean. Back to their boat, Jonny and Hadji became cold and Dr. Quest wasn't happy for his son not paying attention. The next day, the Quests go to the Chinese parade and see a dragon (this dragon was also seen in Monster in the Monastery). At evening, the Quests went to have dinner and a female photographer asks them to take a picture. After dinner, the photographer gave the photo to the unseen minions. At night, Dr, Quest was kidnapped by some evil minions. Bandit woked up and Jonny, Race, and Hadji woke up and see Dr. Quest missing. A note was seen on Dr. Quest's bed that says "Do not call police or Dr. Quest DIE!" Race meets Jade again. Jade left and met two men and asks if they know who Chu Sing Ling is, but they didn't. Soon, Jade went to see a man if they seen Dr. Quest and he told her that he is with Chu Sing Ling. In Moytu Island, Dr. Quest is seen with the villain, Chu Sing Ling, while finding his work impossible. Chu Sing Ling proves him wrong when he demonstrates his pets, a giant, black spider and a giant, green lizard! Dr. Quest finds it incredible, while Chu says it's still a fact. He then shows the common earth spider (which is not mutated) in a small box. He explains one exposure from his bacteria in the spider, he will be like his broher in the cage. Dr. Quest is concerned with Chu's work as his radioactive bacteria is destructive as the atom bomb. He even notifies his machines are draining bacteria into marshes and contaminating the sea, who knows what monsters he's breeding out there. Chu has little care and forced Quest to accept his work, but the latter refuses to get into his mad schemes.

Race needed information by talking to Khaloom, a friend of Jade. Khaloom told Race that Jade sended him a message that she'll do work herself and Race told her to tell, but she refuses. Race told her that she has to, because Jade is in great danger. Race later went to find Dr. Quest and Jonny, Hadji, and Bandit sneaked in by covering themselves in the blanket.

Back at the lab, Chu isn't satisfied with Quest caring about his pets. Now all tied up, Quest tells Chu to release him and properly destroy his pets before it's too late. Still refusal, Chu let's his pets live and Quest will die if he won't cooperate. He sets the cages to be set to open automatically in three hours if Quest will be forced to agree or not.

As he finally arrives, Race caught the boys and Bandit and told them to stay in the boat. Race hides behind a tree and sees another giant crab and another giant spider, which both giants battle each other. After Race escapes from them, he distracts two guards with a Chinese coin and then knocks them out (with weird smiles on the guards' faces and then Race puts the coin back in his pocket). Then, he kills some of Chu Sing Ling's minions (that were playing cards and one of the guards noticed Race) by shooting a water tower and it falls on the minions, and he kills one of the guards by shooting at him when the bullets bounce off a bulldozer to the guard. Race then gives a grenade to a bunch of minions riding a jeep, Race hides behind a building, and then the grenade exploded where it killed the minions.

Next, Jonny and Hadji used a bulldozer and destroy a fence for Race to get through. Race gets into the lab and tells Chu Sing Ling to untie Quest, but a minion catches Race. Jade smashes the minion on the head and is upset that Race didn't listened to her note. Chu Sing Ling escapes through a window, the guard recovers and locks the heroes in, and the cages open the animals. As Quest tells everyone to get through the window, Jonny and Hadji break through while riding on the bulldozer, killing the giant spider that got out and leaving the giant lizard crushed by the parts of the ceiling. The Quests went to go after Chu Sing Ling. They get on a speed boat and Chu Sing Ling and his minions go after them.

All of the sudden, an enlarged lizard that accidentally got exposured by Chu Sing Ling's bacteria rises out of the water. Jonny, Hadji, Dr. Quest, Jade, Race, and Bandit watch the gigantic lizard go after Chu Sing Ling. Chu Sing Ling gets back to his headquarters and his minions were killed by the lizard. Chu Sing Ling was trapped in a high voltage power station and the lizard goes after him. However, the lizard accidentaly walks to the high voltage wire and he gets electrocuted as Chu Sing Ling screams and he also dies when the high voltage station explodes, killing him and the lizard. Race and Jade talked to each other of what good teamwork they made and they kissed each other and Jonny and Hadji were disgusted. The episode ends when the speed boat runs into the camera.



Main characters:

Supporting characters:


  • Monster crab (single appearance)
  • Photographer (single appearance)
  • Hoisin (single appearance)
  • Hoisin's partner (single appearance)(no lines)
  • Dr. Chu Sing Ling (only appearance; dies)
  • Monster spider (single appearance)
  • Monster lizard (single appearance)

Other characters:

  • Pedicab driver 1 (single appearance)(no lines)
  • Pedicab driver 2 (single appearance)
  • Informant (single appearance)
  • Khaloom (single appearance)



  • Firecrackers
  • Jade's gun



Tim Matthieson Jonny Quest
Danny Bravo Hadji
Don Messick Dr. Benton Quest
Mike Road Race Bannon
Cathy Lewis Jade
Will Kaluva Dr. Chu Sing Ling
Sam Edwards Informant


  • This is the last appearance of Jade within the original series. She went onto appear in Comico's 80's comic series and the 90s sequel series of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. She was also heavily modified for the telefilm Jonny's Golden Quest, now resembling a Caucasian with long red hair, working as an Intelligence-1 agent, Race's ex-husband, and last but certainly not least, the mother of his daughter. Real Adventures retconned this to have never happened.


  • The grenade will explode when about four-eight seconds pass after being triggered. This is impossible for Race to keep holding the grenade after he triggered it and more than eight seconds seem to have pass before he gave the grenade to the minions of Chu Sing Ling.

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