For Landoll's adaptation, see Rock of Rages (coloring book).

Rock of Rages is the second episode of the second season of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, and the twenty-eighth overall.


A rock-like being is brought to life to devastate Prague.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:





Quinton Flynn Jonny Quest
Colonel Dimitri
Rob Paulsen Hadji Singh
Jennifer Hale Jessie Bannon
John de Lancie Dr. Benton Quest
Sonny Van Dusen Race Bannon
Frank Welker Bandit
Darleen Carr President Alena Stasny
Michael Bell Professor Anton Karst
Mark Hamill General Vostok
B.J. Ward Iris


  • The episode is a play on the "Rock of Ages", a Hebrew song.
  • While the story of the golem is one told in real-life (except for the Golden Schriv controlling it), it is also done to ridicule the concept of Hardrock, a giant person made of rock, who was a member of the Quest team in the 80's series.
  • Vostok was supposed to die, but Mark Hamill's performance made it worthwhile to bring him back, so a shot of Vostok's lifeless hand in the rubble was removed and replaced with what the existing scene(s).
  • B.J. Ward is not credited for voicing Iris in the Quest Byte (which comes from season 1).
  • A year after this episode aired, Landoll's adapted it into a coloring book of the same name and is also featured in The Continuing Adventures of Jonny Quest.


  • The first time the Golem is seen, his legs are together, but in the very next view, his legs are apart.
  • When Vostok orders the to kill the Quest team, there is very little detail in the faces of Dr. Quest, Jonny, Hadji, and Vostok's soldiers. Dr. Quest's forehead is also too big.
  • A line of Don Messick's original recording as Dr. Quest is accidentally left in, when Race points out the Jeep to escape, with Dr. Quest replying, "And not a moment too soon!"
  • As the passes the turret it just bent around, its right eye also passes through it, instead of staying behind.
  • Bandit winks as the episode closes with an iris around him, both of which are unrealistic and unorthodox to the show's tone. This was added by producer, Larry Houston.

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