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Race Bannon is an Intelligence One agent in charge of the Quest family's security.

Physical appearance

Race is an adult man with platinum blond hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. He is extremely fit with an athletic build.



Race married Jade Kenyan-Bannon, but the marriage lasted only about a week. They split amicably when they realized that their lives didn't work well with marriage. Unknown to either of them at the time they divorced, Jade was pregnant. Jade did not tell Race and raised their daughter Jessie alone, telling Jessie that her father had died.

Race was later assigned by Intelligence One to protect the Quest team.

About twelve years after their split, Race and Jade run into each other again while Race accompanies the Quest team to look into a strange occurrence in South America.



Race Bannon appears in the following:


Changes from the original character from the original 1964 series:

  • Race was assigned specifically to protect Jonny Quest following the death of his mother so that Jonny couldn't be used to compromise Dr. Quest. In the films, it's not specified why Race was assigned to protect the Quest team with Jonny's mother still alive.
  • Race has lighter (pale blue or green) eyes in the original series, but has brown eyes in this version.



For other versions of the character, see Race Bannon (disambiguation).