Phil[1] Corvin is an agent of Intelligence One and an ally to Dr. Benton Quest and his team.

Physical appearance

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Jonny Quest (1964 TV series)

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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Greg Temple impersonating Corvin.

When Race Bannon and the Quest Team visit South Sea Island to see a demonstration, Corvin greets them and shows them the new holographic cloaking technology they're using. But Corvin reveals that he's Race's old enemy Lucius Kreed, using the cloaking technology to disguise himself as well. Corvin reappears later in the obstacle course, apparently in distress and he calls for Race's help. But this is another hologram and a trap, and again not the real Corvin. Race figures out that it wasn't Lucius Kreed pretending to be Corvin, but it was actually Greg Temple.[2]



  • In The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, his last name is given as "Corbin". This was a mistake, as confirmed by writer Lance Falk.



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