Perkins was a greedy British treasure hunter in league with Montaya.


Season one

Perkins was looking for the treasure said to be in a temple of the Lost City of Malatan. When one of the natives refused to work for Perkins any longer, he had the native staked out. When the Quest team arrived in the ruins, they rescued the native, and Perkins had his partner, Montaya, set death traps as a attempt to scare them off. Jonny Quest and Hadji later found the treasure, But the Quest were captured by Perkins. With the aid of the native, the Quests escaped, but Perkins and Montaya found out about the escape, and Perkins was going to teach the native a lesson. But the native attacked and swam to the Quest boat. Perkins, Montaya, and the some of the henchmen pursued the Quest party. Perkins and Montaya were attacked by a crocodile and presumed killed.