Pasha Peddler is an Indian merchant who is friends with Hadji.

Physical appearance

He is a heavy-set man with an eye patch and a thick stylized beard. He wears a turban.


He is presumed to be Indian, but speaks with hippy lingo and a North American accent. He cuts his friends "deals," such as charging Dr. Benton Quest $39.99 for some parkas and a extra $20 for buttons and zippers. Despite his shady habits, Pasha is a good person at heart and was the one who raised Hadji when he lived on the streets.


Season one

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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest


Details about physical appearance and personality.

Season two

Pasha's and Hadji's relationship is very different in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, with Pasha raising Hadji from a very young age.

Voice actors


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