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More Than Zero is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the second season of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, and the fifty-second and final overall.



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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


  • Frederico (single appearance)(also flashback)

Other characters:

  • Diver (single appearance)(no lines)(flashback)



  • Quest wristwatch
  • Dr. Quest's laptop
  • Black pearl
  • Scientists' equipment



Quinton Flynn Jonny Quest
Rob Paulsen Hadji Singh
Frederico as tentacled monster
John de Lancie Dr. Benton Quest
Robert Foxworth Race Bannon
Clancy Brown Professor Francois
Frederico as the entity on the wall
Michael Gough Jacobi Sparochi
Professor Eric


  • Bandit and Jessie are absent.
  • Although this airs as the last episode, it is chronologically not the last, with previous episode having been written as the proper series finale.
  • This episode marks the end of Questworld in the franchise.


  • For one line in this episode, there is an accidental mix up from the voice actors, as Professor Francois speaks through Professor Eric's voice when he says the line, "Oh, we would be most honored."
  • Upon being grabbed by the tentacle monster for the first time, Dr. Quest is being held by Race with his left arm in the first frame, but in the next frame is seen being held slightly off screen by Race's right arm.
  • The French scientists were grabbed by the tentacles of Frederico, but when Jonny is flung into the door by the third tentacle which attempted to pull him into the death room as well, the final frame shows that the tentacles which had previously ensnared Francois and Eric had disappeared.
  • Before the French scientists were sealed in the death trap, the entity causes the door to open outward and the handle being featured on the left from the outside before being open, but upon the desperate attempts of Francois and Eric escaping this room, the inside features the door handle on the wrong side by being on the left side also on the inside when it was closed... And then from the outside view the handle is back on the left side when the unfortunate fate happens and Race opens the door also.

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Sporachi: Beware the house. It is cursed, it holds a deep hunger.

Hadji: I feel that this wall. It hides something yet reveals it. Something evil.

Frederico: Resistance is futile.


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