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This is a list of episodes from the 1986 Jonny Quest television series. The series is also known as The New Adventures of Jonny Quest, and has been marketed as season two of the original series. It first aired between September 14, 1986 to March 1, 1987.

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# Title Air Date Writer
1 Peril of the Reptilian September 14, 1986 Alan Burnett

In the South Pacific, a scientist develops a means to clone prehistoric creatures and uses his reptiles to destroy radar installations.

2 Nightmares of Steel September 21, 1986 Mark Zaslove

Arab raiders use the robotic horses developed by a friend of Dr. Quest.

3 Aliens Among Us September 28, 1986 John P. Loy

Zin uses a fake UFO to steal Quest's new invention.

4 Deadly Junket October 5, 1986 David Schwartz

A kidnapped scientist is pressured to develop a missile sabotage system for Zin.

5 Forty Fathoms Into Yesterday October 12, 1986 Glenn Leopold

The Quests and their friends travel back in time to World War II as they search for a sunken Nazi submarine.

6 Vikong Lives October 19, 1986 Charles M. Howell, IV

While on an archaeological expedition in Scandinavia, the Quests discover a giant Viking ape that was frozen alive but has just been reawakened by volcanic activity.

7 The Monolith Man November 2, 1986 Mark Edens

During a drilling operation, the Quests discover an underground cavern, ancient civilization and Hardrock, who helps them explore the subterranean city.

8 Secret of the Clay Warriors November 9, 1986 Steve DeKorte

Dr. Quest comes to the aid of an archaeologist friend, who has been attacked by statues guarding the tomb of an Chinese emperor.

9 Warlord of the Sky November 16, 1986 Mark Zaslove

In a plan to rule the skies, an old enemy of the Quests uses a mechanical cloud to hide his new airship and wreak havoc from above.

10 The Scourge of Skyborg November 23, 1986 Don Glut

A cyborg pilot with a grudge against Race steals Dr. Quest's new invention.

11 Temple of Gloom December 7, 1986 Eric Lewald

Hadji discovers his mentor is being forced to use his telepathic abilities to undermine a peace conference.

12 Creeping Unknown December 14, 1986 David Schwartz

In the heart of a swamp, people and animals are being attacked by a strange plant-like creature.

13 Skulduggery March 1, 1987 Gary Warne

Zin is part of a plot by an ancient Druidic cult to steal a crystal skull Dr. Quest is examining at a London museum.


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