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Jonny Quest, also known as The Adventures of Jonny Quest, premiered on ABC between September 14, 1964 to March 11, 1965.


Recurring characters


All episodes were directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

# Title Air Date Writer Transcript
1 The Mystery of the Lizard Men September 18, 1964 Joseph Barbera, William Hanna, Douglas Wildey, Alex Lovy Transcript

The Quests seek a mysterious, deadly red light that lures ships in the Sargasso Sea to their doom.

2 Arctic Splashdown September 25, 1964 Walter Black Transcript

When a missile goes down in Antarctica, Dr. Quest races to retrieve it ahead of an enemy submarine.

3 The Curse of Anubis October 1, 1964 Walter Black Transcript

When an archaeologist steals from an Egyptian tomb, the mummy rises to take revenge.

4 Pursuit of the Po-Ho October 9, 1964 William D. Hamilton Transcript

Dr. Quest tries to rescue a scientist from a tribal sacrifice.

5 Riddle of the Gold October 16, 1964 Herbert Finn, Alan Dinehart Transcript

The Quests discover that Dr. Zin is developing a gold-making process in an Indian mine.

6 Treasure of the Temple October 23, 1964 Walter Black Transcript

When the Quests explore the ruins of a Lost City of the ancient Mayan civilization, they are threatened by grave robbers.

7 Calcutta Adventure October 30, 1964 Joanna Lee Transcript

The group recalls Hadji's first encounter with the Quests.

8 The Robot Spy November 6, 1964 William D. Hamilton Transcript

Zin uses an old trick to get his spidery robot spy into Dr. Quest's compound in an evil attempt to obtain information on Dr. Quest's latest invention, a ray gun.

9 Double Danger November 13, 1964 Joanna Lee Transcript

Zin replaces Race with a double while Quest searches Thailand for a rare plant.

10 Shadow of the Condor November 20, 1964 Charles Hoffman Transcript

The Quests crash-land in the Andes Mountains, where they encounter a maddened lost pilot from World War II and Race must battle the flyer in an aerial dogfight.

11 Skull and Double Crossbones November 27, 1964 Walter Black Transcript

When Jonny discovers a treasure-filled undersea shipwreck, the Quest ship is hijacked by pirates.

12 The Dreadful Doll December 4, 1964 William D. Hamilton Transcript

On a small island, Dr. Quest comes to the aid of a young girl, who is threatened by a voodoo doll.

13 A Small Matter of Pygmies December 11, 1964 William D. Hamilton Transcript

Race and the boys crash land in a jungle, where they have trouble with the local pygmies.

14 Dragons of Ashida December 18, 1964 Walter Black Transcript

The group investigates an island being terrorized by man-eating lizards after an experiment goes terribly awry.

15 Turu the Terrible December 25, 1964 William D. Hamilton Transcript

The Quests stumble across a jungle mine being worked by slaves overseen by a cruel owner and his trained pterodactyl.

16 The Fraudulent Volcano December 31, 1964 William D. Hamilton Transcript

When Dr. Quest is called to prevent a previously dormant volcano from erupting, he discovers Dr. Zin to be the cause.

17 Werewolf of the Timberland January 7, 1965 William D. Hamilton Transcript

Gold-smugglers try to scare Quest away from his nearby research site in the Canadian woods by using rumors of werewolves.

18 Pirates from Below January 14, 1965 Walter Black Transcript

Dr. Quest's new submarine is stolen by foreign agents.

19 Attack of the Tree People January 21, 1965 Walter Black Transcript

After Jonny, Hadji, and Bandit are attacked by gunrunners, they are shipwrecked on a deserted island and adopted by apes.

20 The Invisible Monster January 28, 1965 William D. Hamilton Transcript

On a remote island, a lab accident creates an invisible, destructive creature made of pure energy and the creature is now on a rampage.

21 The Devil's Tower February 4, 1965 William D. Hamilton Transcript

In Africa, the group discovers a former Nazi who has enslaved the local natives to mine diamonds.

22 The Quetong Missile Mystery February 11, 1965 William D. Hamilton Transcript

The Quest group discovers the source of a swamp's pollution, a hidden missile factory.

23 The House of Seven Gargoyles February 18, 1965 Charles Hoffman Transcript

The Quests help a scientist whose valuable formula is being sought by enemy agents.

24 Terror Island February 25, 1965 Herbert Finn, Alan Dinehart Transcript

In Hong Kong, Race turns to Jezebel Jade for help when Dr. Quest is kidnapped by a scientist, who has developed a method for enlarging animals into monsters.

25 Monster in the Monastery March 4, 1965 Charles Hoffman Transcript

A Yeti descends from the mountains terrorizing a Tibetan village when it appears in a nearby palace.

26 The Sea Haunt March 11, 1965 Charles Hoffman Transcript

The Quests and their friends become trapped on an abandoned freighter, the crew of which was apparently killed by a sea monster.


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