Karla was the daughter of renegade American government agent Ezekiel Rage and Abby.

Since her death, Ezekiel has hallucinations of her, indicating that he missed her the most.


Karla was the only child of Ezekiel and Abby, though she never knew that her father was a secret government agent and like her mother, she believed him to be a worldwide computer salesman.

During one of Ezekiel's "business trips" in Panagua, Karla and Abby flew in from Miami to surprise him. However, the country's government was in pursuit of Ezekiel, which resulted in the country's army chasing after them. Ezekiel fled with Karla and Abby in a car. Karla eventually realised that her father was a "spy" and Abby was none too pleased that Ezekiel had been lying to her about his real job the whole time, but he protested that he was just waiting for the right time to tell her.

Ezekiel called for backup from his government to protect his family, but they declined to help him escape to prevent an international crisis. Ezekiel angrily declared that if anything happened to his family, he would hunt the government down like dogs and make them pay dearly.

Eventually the car which went over a cliff and crashed, exploding. This killed Karla and Abby, and disfigured Ezekiel, thus beginning his vendetta and vengeance on the world.


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