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Julia is a devoted henchwoman and former lover of Dr. Jeremiah Surd. She works with Lorenzo.

Physical appearance

In season 1, Julia has short red hair, though it used to be long and tied in a ponytail in 1978. In season 2, Julia has straight, shoulder-length black hair with bangs.


Total appearances: 10.


  • She was first voiced by Megan Cavanagh and in several episodes, but was occasionally substituted with other actresses, including Mayim Bialik (Assault on Questworld), Helene Udy (Cyberswitch), and Nancy Linari (Without a Trace and Thoughtscape).
  • Neither Julia nor Lorenzo appear in Digital Doublecross, even though the episode is based around Surd, which assumes they were placed in separate cells after their imprisonment at Brattleford Prison.