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Jonny Quest in Doctor Zin's Underworld, marketed as simply Jonny Quest, is a 1991 video game based on the Jonny Quest series. It was available on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and Commodore 64 home computers.


Dr. Zin has kidnapped Jonny's friends, and Jonny must save them.

From the ZX Spectrum cassette insert:

Jonny is the only son of Dr Benton Quest, one of the worlds top scientists. Ever in danger of being kidnapped by forces trying to control his father, Jonny is looked after by a U.S. government appointed bodyguard, Race Bannon.

This however does not stop Jonny and his mystical Indian friend Hadji along with Jonnys' pet dog Bandit getting into all sorts of hair raising adventures.


Jonny's father, Benton Quest, has been captured by the evil Dr Zin and is being forced to help create a deadly laser.

Jonny, Race, Hadji and Bandit set off to rescue the captured scientist. However things don't go according to plan. Race, Hadji and Bandit are captured by Dr Zin's guards and Jonny must continue on alone to free them all.

Jonny Quest, Hanna-Barbera's all action-adventure cartoon character is turned into the "Arcade" all action-adventure character in this super Hi-Tec game.

Features include:

  • Over 100 frames of animation for Jonny Quest alone (C64 version)
  • Massive play area consisting of 133 different screens spread over 6 different levels (C64 version)
  • Underwater Scuba diving section
  • Lifts & eletric doors - Pre programmed Robot Guards




  • Various henchmen
  • Various robots
  • Various creatures such as large beetles
  • Dr. Zin (mentioned)


  • Dr. Zin's headquarters


  • Dr. Zin's laser weapon



From the ZX Spectrum cassette insert:


You play the part of Jonny Quest in this arcade action adventure, use all your skill and courage to free your father and friends.

During the game you will come across many obstacles which you have to overcome. At your disposal you have a selection of items to help fight your enemies and you will also find things along the way which you can use.


Lazer Stun Gun - Torch - Diving Equipment - Decoder for Computer Terminals - Dynamite for unblocking entrances -


Type LOAD "" then press ENTER.

Q Up/Jump (hold down for a longer jump) A Down O Left P Right Space Punch/Use Object 1 Select Object H Pause (Any key to restart)

Keys redefinable or use Kempston Joystick.


To access the computer terminals, you must first be holding the code device.

You must then stand in front of a computer terminal and pull down. A small meter on the panel will then decrease.

When this has reached the bottom, the terminal will have been searched and any code found will be displayed on the code device.


The game was released in 1991 on three platforms.

Platform Released Region UPC
Amstrad CPC 1991 UK 5 019393 911652
Commodore 64 1991 UK 5 019393 911645
Sinclair ZX Spectrum 1991 UK 5 019393 911638


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Reviewers were generally favorable, with scores in the mid-70s/100. ZZap! 64 gave the game a 78%, saying the game would "appeal to arcade adventure fanatics" but found that it wasn't impressive, although added "it's not bad value at budget price". Crash gave the game a 73%, calling it "a nice little platform game with more depth than many", and saying it's "a jolly little game for a cheapy." Sinclair User gave the game 76%, saying it had "nothing new here" although it was "nicely presented, and mildly entertaining but [had] no lasting appeal". Your Sinclair gave the game a higher rating of 84%, calling it "top quality platform fun with one of H-B's lesser-known characters."

Publication Version Date Score
Commodore Format Commodore 64 April 1992 66%
Crash Sinclair ZX Spectrum March 1992 73%
Sinclair User Sinclair ZX Spectrum April 1992 76%
Your Sinclair Sinclair ZX Spectrum March 1992 84%
ZZap! 64 Commodore 64 February 1992 78%
Bit February 1993 53%


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