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This is the official policy, including rules and guidelines, for Jonny Quest Wiki.

Scope of the wiki

Jonny Quest Wiki is a wiki dedicated to all official things related to the Jonny Quest franchise. Content unrelated to that topic should not be documented here. Fanon and fannish works should also not be documented here.

Fandom's Terms of Use

All members must comply with Fandom's Terms of Use. These rules apply to all wikis on Fandom, including this one. Some notable portions of the terms of use include (paraphrased):

  • Age restrictions. Members must be age 13 or older. Additional age restrictions may apply depending on region.
  • Do not abuse, harass, threaten, or intimidate other users.
  • Do not spam, post advertisements, or post solicitations of business.
  • Do not post any inappropriate content including content that is obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane, or otherwise violates any law. This includes content that contains homophobia, transphobia, ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, or encourages criminal conduct.
  • Do not vandalize pages.
  • Do not circumvent bans.

Violating any of the above will result in a ban.

Code of conduct

  • Vandalism, disruptive editing, hate speech, and inflammatory content will not be tolerated and may result in an immediate permanent ban, depending on severity.
  • Be good to others, the wiki, and the community.
    • Respect other people. Do not make personal attacks or direct insults, threats, or profanity at another contributor. Do not make personal attacks against any real people including actors, writers, directors, and anyone else involved in production. Comments that are misogynistic, sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or similar will result in a permanent ban.
    • Respect the work done on the wiki. When suggesting or making improvements, do not be insulting to the content that needs to be improved. Do not vandalize the wiki, add gibberish, add falsehoods, clear suitable content from pages, or take any action to disrupt or sabotage the work done here.
    • Respect the community. This is a wiki for fans and we aim to have a positive environment for fans. While critical and negative comments are allowed, coming to the wiki to make frequent complaints (e.g. saying characters are terrible and should be killed off, cast and crew members are awful and should be fired, an episode that has not even aired is horrible, etc.) is considered trolling and is not allowed. If this commentary is directed at fellow users, it is additionally considered harassment and is not allowed. This applies to discussion about the series itself and to how you interact with the wiki, the admin, and other contributors here.
  • Discuss disagreements. Do not engage in an edit war. If a user is continuing to add inappropriate content to a page, contact an admin. If you and another editor are disagreeing on what's best for a page, do not continue to undo each other's changes; instead, discuss the page and why you would like to see it one way, and hear them out when they explain themselves, and try to come to an agreement. If you're unable to resolve the dispute, or the other editor fails to communicate but still insists on edits, contact an admin for help.
  • Multiple accounts: Do not use multiple accounts on the wiki without permission from an admin.
  • Bots: Do not use a bot on the wiki without permission from an admin.
  • Respect decisions from the admin. The admin are here to hear you out and help! Sometimes we're just not going to agree, and that can be frustrating, but please respect the decision. We are doing what we think is best for the wiki and the community. For appeals, see the #Admin and mod rights section below.

Style guidelines

  • Follow the wiki's style guidelines: Manual of Style.
  • Check with an admin before doing any major changes across the wiki, such as changing page designs, templates, categories, or category structure.
  • If an admin asks you to do something a certain way, please follow their instruction.


See: Jonny Quest Wiki:Manual of Style#Spoilers

Admin and mod rights

Some users on the wiki will have additional rights. These include bureaucrat, admin, discussion mods, and content mods. For more information, see Help:User rights.

Admin and mods are responsible for ensuring a healthy community. Admin and mods are encouraged to reach out to each other, collaborate on decisions, and keep each other and community members informed to help maintain a positive and productive community.

Users can be promoted based on a number of factors including the quality of their edits, involvement in the community, general helpfulness with other users, their ability to collaborate, and community need. User promotion is at the discretion of the wiki bureaucrats and admin. If there are no active bureaucrats or admin, and no wiki representative, you may be interested in adopting the wiki.

Misusing or abusing rights, or violating other rules, can result in a user losing their rights.

To appeal a decision made by an admin or mod:

  • If you think an admin has made a decision that requires further review or a second opinion, first try to review with the admin who made the decision. If you still feel like the situation could benefit from a second set of eyes, you can respectfully reach out to another admin or a wiki manager, if the wiki has one, and ask if they will take a look.
  • If you feel an admin or mod is misusing or abusing their rights, you can appeal to another bureaucrat on the wiki or a wiki manager, if the wiki has one. State respectfully what the issue is and why you think it requires intervention.
  • If you have been blocked and you would like to appeal your block, you can reach out to the admin who blocked you on Community Central. Suggested reading: Help:I have been blocked.


If someone is violating the rules or style guide on the wiki, here's what you can do to help:

  • Reach out to an admin. If the issue is severe and/or urgent, feel free to also contact the SOAP (Spam Obliteration and Prevention) team: report advertisement spam or report vandalism.
  • For smaller good-faith violations, such as not following the manual of style, feel free to reach out to the user to let them know the preferred way to do things here. Be supportive and encouraging! This will help guide the user to be a better contributor for the wiki, and it's always good to develop rapport with your fellow editors.
  • Do not mini-mod. Do not act like a mod if you don't have mod rights. Mini-modding typically comes in the form of threatening another user with consequences, or making statements about how things should be done on the wiki that are not outlined in the rules or style guide. It is okay to point a user to the rules or manual of style and kindly ask the user to follow them; it is not okay to make other claims, or to warn a user or threaten that they'll be banned -- leave that to the admin/mods.

If you are causing disruption or violating the rules of the wiki, then consequences will follow. Depending on the severity of the initial violation, it may result in:

  • A request. This is for minor issues, and it's basically the admin asking that you do things differently to keep things in order. Regular users can also make good-faith requests to help you learn. Repeated requests will not necessarily escalate to anything more than that, and are a considered a normal part of helping a new contributor grow and learn. However, if repeated disruptions are notable enough and causing too much work to fix, then it may result in a warning or a ban.
  • A warning. This is a clear statement from an admin that you are warned for certain actions or behavior that will not be tolerated in the community. Repeated warnings will result in a ban.
  • A temporary ban. You will not be able to edit or contribute to a wiki while you are banned. After a certain amount of time, you will be able to edit again. The length of the ban will depend on the severity of the infraction.
  • A permanent ban on the wiki. For severe or repeated infractions. You are no longer allowed or welcome to edit at the wiki again.
  • A global ban across all of Fandom wikis. If you violate the Fandom Terms of Use, a staff member could intervene and block you across all wikis on Fandom, not just this one.

We will assume good faith and offer help when we can, but ongoing disruption, even if inadvertent, can eventually result in a ban to help ensure the quality of the wiki and the health of the community.