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Jonny Quest is the adventurous pre-teen son of Rachel and Benton Quest. He's best friends with his adoptive brother Hadji and with Race Bannon's daughter Jessie.

Physical appearance

Jonny is a twelve-year-old boy with blond hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. He wears a black high-collared T-shirt, blue jeans, and high-top white sneakers.


Jonny is adventurous, and he likes exploring, going on Intelligence One assignments, and taking action. He explores in Peru with his mother, and he's quick to get into the chase against Dr. Zin and his replicants. His lack of patience and caution is pointed out by multiple characters, including his father and Chief Atacama.

Jonny's lack of patience and caution also affected his ability to learn races flying dragon kick, marital arts move in Jonny's Golden Quest. On his first attempt, by letting his lack of patience cloud his judgment, and put too much effort into getting into the air, Jonny goes sailing over Race's head. This forces him to take nasty fall to the mat from such a high Hight that the impact makes him roll over completely over on it. Then, on his second attempt at the move, his lack of caution causes him to leave himself open to having his foot scooped up by race, as he is just getting into the air. Intern leading him to be boosted up and eventually "face plant" on the mat.

Jonny enjoys training. He has a chase game/training session with Race, he races with Hadji on their hover boards, and he races with Jessie on the ice. He trains in martial arts and firearms. After the death of his mother, Jonny gets more driven with his training because he wants to take revenge on Dr. Zin.

Following the death of his mother, Jonny becomes angry. He blames his father for not taking more action to prevent her death, and so Jonny avoids speaking or spending time with him, and if they are together Jonny fights with him. His anger drives him to get revenge on Zin. Jonny is later able to let go of his anger against his father when he understands why Benton wouldn't take the shot when Zin was holding Rachel.


As a young boy, Jonny and his mother visited the Great Wall of China. At some later time, Rachel took Jonny and Hadji to Mardi Gras.


Jonny: "This is our best I-1 case ever."
Rachel: "Well taking a trip to the jungle is more exciting than anything I ever did at twelve."
Jonny: "Oh, mom. I mean the other cases were with dad. They were exciting and all, but we never just... kinda hung out and talked about stuff, like I do with you."
Jonny's Golden Quest

Notes / trivia

  • While training with Race, Jonny wears a gi with a brown belt, indicating he's a brown belt in some form of martial arts. According to some pre production art [2] for this telefilm, this appears to be karate. We also note that Jonny's gi is illfitting, too small, Indicated he has been training in marital arts for a long time.

Differences from the original series:

  • Jonny is now 12 years old, aged up from 11 as he was in the original 1964 series and the 1986 series.
  • Jonny has brown eyes, rather than blue eyes like he had in the original 1964 series. Jonny also had dark eyes in the 1986 series.
  • Jonny's mother is initially still alive; in the original series, she had died when Jonny was younger, and Race was assigned to protect the Quests after her death.
  • Jonny study's karate in Golden Quest not judo as in the original tv series[2]


Jonny Quest appears in the following:


Jonny's Golden Quest

Jonny Quest Versus the Cyber Insects


For other versions of the character, see Jonny Quest (disambiguation).


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