Jonathan Benton "Jonny" Quest is the main/title character of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. He is the teenage son of Dr. Benton Quest, and Jonny often accompanies him on his research trips.

Physical appearance

Jonny has blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. He is a teenage boy with a slim athletic build. At age 13, he's about 5' 2" and 112 lbs.[1]

Jonny typically wears a black T-shirt, blue straight-legged jeans, and white sneakers.


Jonny is adventurous, impulsive, energetic, and curious. He enjoys the action side of his father's investigations rather than the studying side, but he is well-educated and clever. He rarely if ever obeys his father's wishes to stay put and avoid heroics, and he identifies with Race Bannon's man-of-action approach.

Jonny is good friends with his adoptive brother Hadji Singh and Race's daughter Jessie Bannon. Hadji and Jessie are both more cautious than Jonny, but Jonny is generally successful at inspiring them to adventure and risk-taking. He tackles tough situations with straight-on action, contrasted to Jessie's more cautious intelligence and Hadji's fatalistic approach.

Jonny is kind and has a strong moral compass. He doesn't like people who harm animals and has risked his life to stop poachers.

His favorite sayings are: "This is too weird/cool for school." and "Slammin'!"


At a young age, Jonny's mother Rachel died, which resulted in the government assigning agent Race Bannon to look after Jonny and Dr. Quest to ensure Dr. Quest would not be compromised should Jonny get taken.

Jonny often accompanies his father on his scientific projects and phenomenology investigations, for which Jonny shows intense curiosity, enthusiasm and tends to be sometimes reckless, to which his father warns him not to try any heroics, though Dr. Quest is very proud of him, when his son's actions are mainly for the well-being of another as seen in the episode The Darkness of the Moon.

Skills and abilities

  • Computer skills, such as programming games in Questworld
  • Fly an airplane
  • Drive a car, although he does not yet have a license
  • Drive a boat
  • Ride a hoverboard
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Jonny apparently plays drums, as shown in the Quest Compound background in the Cover-Up At Roswell game.


  • Compared to his original continuity version, Jonny was aged up a few years and is skilled with computers. The creators of the new series wanted Jonny to be a character that modern (1996) kids could look up to.
  • Jonny again has blue eyes like the original 1964 series character; in the 1986 series and the telefilms, Jonny was depicted with brown eyes.


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  1. According to his trading card stats. See card #2.
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