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Jonny Quest is a comic series published by Comico in an ongoing format from 1986-1988, which was how long their license held, with low sales stopping any point of renewal. Comico was the first company to publish an ongoing series for Jonny Quest, with Gold Key Comics publishing a single issue in 1964.

At the time of Comico's Jonny Quest's launch, Hanna-Barbera was also producing its own revival cartoon, which proved rather short-lived in comparison; neither of which referenced each other. Also, unlike the new cartoon, Comico was striven to be more faithful, while attempting to flesh out the characters more and take bold steps with the franchise, such as giving the widowed Dr. Quest a new girlfriend.

It lasted 31 issues.


Issue # Chapter title Released
Issue #1 The Sands of Khasa Tahid / City of Time Lost June 1986
Issue #2 Enter Race Bannon Jul 1986
Issue #3 Guns for the Laughing Man Aug 1986
Issue #4 Marley Frost is Here to Stay Sep 1986