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Jonny Quest, also known as The New Adventures of Jonny Quest, is an American animated science fiction action-adventure television series produced by Hanna-Barbera, airing for one season from 1986 to 1987, with thirteen episodes. It is a revival attempt of the original 1964 series.

The series is often marketed as a second season to the original series. The two series are listed together as separate seasons on various official sites including Boomerang, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max.[1][2][3]


The series has little connection to the original in terms of returning friends and foes, aside from Dr. Zin. The violence has also been toned down compared to the previous series. Jade, Race's love interest, was supposed to come back with a fleshed out backstory, but plans seemed to fall through when the show wasn't strong enough in the ratings and was cancelled after thirteen episodes. The original intention was for a production of thirty-nine episodes.[citation needed]

A new addition to the team was the rock giant, Hardrock, who was given a formal introduction during the series. He never appeared again after this series, and the concept of a rock giant on the team was mocked in the The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest episode Rock of Rages.

The one-time character of Jessie Bradshaw, who appeared in Deadly Junket was supposed to be recurring. Her intended backstory was that she knew Jonny from when she was little.[citation needed] The unused concepts of Jessie and Jade seemed to have been given another chance (and even combined) with the TV film soft reboot, Jonny's Golden Quest.

Deprave who appeared in Temple of Gloom was created as the first female villain. As the series was cancelled, it was unknown if more of them would appear.

At the time of the show's launch, Comico began publishing a comic series in what began as a faithful tone of the original 1960's series. Neither the new show or the comic referenced each other, apparently taking their own stances on how to continue from the aforementioned original series.


List of episodes

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Season Episodes Premiere episode Premiere date Finale episode Finale date
1 13 Peril of the Reptilian September 14, 1986 Skulduggery March 1, 1987

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