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Jonny Quest: The Complete Original Series is a Blu-ray release of the original 1964 Jonny Quest television series.

This is the first time the series was released on Blu-ray.


Official description from the WB shop:[1]

TV's first animated action-adventure series is about to take you on a breathless ride. All 26 episodes charting the fantastic exploits of brave and brainy 11-year-old Jonathan Quest are yours in a 3-disc set. Unlike the outrageous fantasy plots of cartoons that preceded it, Jonny Quest drew on science and detective-style logic to solve mysteries and apprehend sophisticated villains. Viewers were transported to exotic locales as Jonny's dad, Dr. Benton Quest, tackled each new government assignment, aided by ex-agent "Race" Bannon, Indian boy Hadji, family bulldog Bandit... and, of course, his fearless son Jonny.

Note that an alternative retail description states having 4 discs instead of 3.[2][3] This is most likely an error and there isn't an alternative 4-disc version around.


Discs 1:

Disc 1 menu

Disc 2:

Disc 3:


  • Unlike the previous DVD release that had edited out some ethnocentric insults, this release includes all the original dialogue.[5]
  • Most errors that were present on the previous DVD release were fixed for this release.[5]


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