Jonny Quest: Curse of the Mayan Warriors is a 1993 DOS video game based on the Jonny Quest series.


From the box's back cover:

HOLLYWARE ENTERTAINMENT in association with HANNA BARBERA brings to you the Cult Classic Cartoon, Jonny Quest. True to the television series, this game emphasises fast action and an exciting storyline.

Take off with Team Quest as they follow the trail of the stolen Splinter of Heaven. What does this ancient bit of meteorite have to do with the sudden fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field? Why has the Splinter of Heaven and other Mayan artifacts disappeared from the jungles of Guatemala? Is this all part of some sinister plot?

Game features include: A 3D raised perspective for exploration, an Icon controlled interface, combat sequences, a Full cast of interactive characters (including: Jonny, Hadji, Race, Dr. Quest, Bandit and others), a full soundtrack, stunning graphics, and literally hours of entertainment.


The game was initially licensed from Hanna-Barbera by MicroIllusions, and the game was titled Jonny Quest And The Splinter Of Heaven. At the 1990 CES in Las Vegas, it was reported that the game was completed and ready for release, but MicroIllusions went bankrupt and the game was unreleased. It was later released in 1993 as Jonny Quest: Curse of the Mayan Warriors from Hollyware for MS-DOS systems.[1]



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