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Jonny Quest: Character Reference Guide is a reference guide book about the original Jonny Quest series. It was published in 1995 as part of a five-volume set about original Hanna-Barbera shows including Scooby Doo (two volumes), The Jetsons, and The Flintstones.


The book is a meant as a factual reference guide, although it is filled with errors.[1] The book is under 90 pages.

Contents include:[2]

  • Chapter 1 - "The Characters" - detailed breakdowns on every major character from the show: Jonny, Hadji, Dr. Quest, Race, Bandit, Dr. Zin, Jade, and even Jessie Bradshaw from the show's relaunch in 1987. Along with a synopsis of each character, this chapter ends with a "Characters Do's & Don'ts" section, which provides valuable insight on the writing of the characters. Basically, a breakdown of the rules the Quest team abide by.
  • Chapter 2 - "The Shows" - This chapter starts off with a brief programming history of the show. That's followed by episode titles, all listed in order in which they aired. This includes the original 1964 run as well as the 1987 run of shows. That's followed by brief synopses of all 26 original shows, plus all 13 episodes of the 1987 relaunch. This chapter also ends with a brief descrption of the two hour feature "Jonny's Golden Quest," produced in 1991 for the USA Network.
  • Chapter 3 - "Trivia" - this is, far and away, the most amazing chapter of the book. This chapter starts out with a list of all the key locations from every episode. After that, t's a detailed breakdown of all the villans the Quest team faced in each episode. The chapter winds up with a section called "QUESTions & Answers," that provides even more insight by answering frequently asked questions of the show's producers. 's w you'll learn about why Hanna-Barbera developed the show in the first place, how the 007 movies influenced the show, as well as more of Doug Wildey's influences.
  • Chapter 4 - "Reference". The final chapter of the book starts out with the credits of the show and who provided the voices for all the characters throughout the show's entire history. That's followed by the results from an independent research study done on the Jonny Quest show, a section on the merchandising and publishing history of the show, and a list of the original sponsors of the classic 1964 series.




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