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Jonny Quest's Adventure With the Secret Tunnel is a children's storybook based on the 1964 Jonny Quest TV Series. It was first released in 1972.


Jonny finds a secret tunnel from the pirate cave and helps when their compound is invaded.

Plot summary

Jonny plays on the beach of Palm Key with Bandit, while Race has gone to the mainland "on urgent government business" and Dr. Quest works in his lab "trying to perfect an anti-laser device for the government". Jonny and Bandit go to a pirate cave on the island. Jonny hears a plane, and initially thinks it's a scheduled plane to South America, but he notices it's circling and it doesn't have any markings.

Four parachutists jump from the plane to invade the island, and Jonny and Bandit hide in the cave. He goes down into the cave and finds a trapdoor in the ceiling. When he comes out the trap door, he's in his father's lab. Dr. Quest greets him, wondering how he got in there, and Jonny tells him about the parachutists. As Jonny gets out of the trapdoor, he trips and falls on a small bump on the floor.

Four men burst through the door into Dr. Quest's lab, holding submachine guns. The one in charge tells him that their leader Professor Boris Krantz will be arriving within the hour by submarine, and that Dr. Quest will be going with him with all his research on his anti-laser device. They hold Dr. Quest, Jonny, and Bandit at gunpoint. Professor Krantz arrives and Dr. Quest begins to pack up his notes, as ordered.

Race arrives through the trapdoor and orders the men to drop their weapons, and he tells them that "a squad of government agents [are] surrounding the house." Professor Krantz plans to retreat to the submarine, but Race tells him that the submarine took off the moment he and the agents arrived. The agents take Krantz and the parachutists away.

That night at dinner, Race asks Dr. Quest who tripped the alarm button to alert him on the mainland. Jonny asks what alarm button, and Dr. Quest tells them that Jonny tripped the button -- it was the small bump he fell on when he tripped coming out of the trapdoor.




  • Four parachutists
  • Professor Boris Krantz


  • A squad of government agents (mentioned)



  • Anti-laser device (mentioned)
  • Submachine guns
  • Alarm button


  • Afternoon jet to South America (mentioned)
  • Unmarked plane
  • Submarine (mentioned)



  • The book does not have an ISBN or UPC.
  • Durabook #39016.
  • 24 pages.
  • Hadji is absent.


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