This article is about the incarnation from the telefilms. For the teenage incarnation (with a different mother) from The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, look here.
Jessie Bannon (telefilms)

Jessie Bannon is the twelve-year-old daughter of Race Bannon and Jade Kenyan-Bannon.



  • Jessie is voiced by Anndi McAfee.
  • Jessie is a recycling of the failed attempt to have Jessie Bradshaw from the Jonny Quest (1986) episode, Deadly Junket, as a recurring character. In that episode, that Jessie was the daughter of a male scientist being the victim of Dr. Zin, unlike the Bannon daughter who pretended that she was the daughter of a mad scientist who used to work for Dr. Zin. Jade being her mother as the result of short-lived marriage between Jade and Race, was based on the failed attempt at giving Jade a backstory in the aforementioned series (only there was no marriage intended).


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