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This page is for the character in the 1990s telefilms. For other versions, see Jessie (disambiguation).

Jessie is the pre-teen daughter of Race Bannon and Jade Kenyan-Bannon.

Physical appearance

Jessie is a pre-teen girl with auburn-red hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. She typically wears a pink shirt.


Jessie is resourceful and can do what's needed under stressful situations. When Jessie's mother Jade is kidnapped, Jessie lies too the Quest team to get her back, never breaking her cover story. She once helps Jonny pilot a space shuttle.

Jessie is outgoing and playfully competitive, especially with Jonny. She races Jonny on the ice for fun, and also to get him to stop being angry. She has a romantic interest in Jonny and flirts with a him.


Jessie was raised by her mother Jade, who told her that her father had died. Jessie learns that Race is her father at the same time Race learns that she's his daughter.

After Jessie and Race learn that they're related, Race takes a vacation with Jessie and Jade to get to know his daughter.



  • Jessie's surname is not given in either film.
  • Jessie is a reimagined version of Jessie Bradshaw from the Jonny Quest (1986) episode Deadly Junket, who was meant to be a friend of Jonny's and a recurring character. Jessie Bradshaw is the daughter of a male scientist kidnapped by Dr. Zin; this new Jessie grew up without knowing her father, and she pretends to be the daughter of a mad scientist because Zin has kidnapped her mother. Jade being her mother as the result of short-lived marriage between Jade and Race, was based on the failed attempt at giving Jade a backstory in the aforementioned series (only there was no marriage intended).
  • Jessie is later reimagined as Jessie Bannon in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. That version of Jessie has green eyes instead of blue, and her mother is Estella Velasquez instead of Jade.