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Jellystone! is a comedic animated television series starring various Hanna-Barbera characters, and it includes several cameos of Jonny Quest characters. The series premiered with the first 10 episodes on July 29, 2021 on HBO Max.

In the series, Jonny and Hadji are adults and together they run a bowling alley in the titular town of Jellystone. Although not explicit in the show, one of the writers confirmed that Hadji and Jonny are intended to be married.[1]

Jonny Quest appearances


  • Jonny Quest - voiced by Andrew Frankel[2][3]
  • Hadji- voiced by Fajer Al-Kaisi[2]


  • Quest Bowl, a bowling alley run by Jonny and Hadji

Episodes with cameos

No. Segment title Description
2 My Doggie Dave Working at Quest Bowl
7 DNA, A-OK! In line at a bouncy castle
9 Jelly Wrestle Rumble! In the audience
10 Welcome to Jellystone Working on a film set

My Doggie Dave

The main characters visit Quest Bowl, a bowling alley apparently owned and operated by Jonny Quest and Hadji. Neither character is named or has any lines. Hadji pulls a lever to make changes to the bowling alley, such as to drop a disco ball and to reveal an advanced bowling alley challenge.

The logo for Quest Bowl has "Quest" stylized like the "Jonny Quest" title from the original series. The art above the bowling pins features the Dragonfly and one of Dr. Zin's robot spiders. The advanced bowling alley area also features a robot spider that holds bowling pins.


Jonny and Hadji are in line to a bouncy castle. Both characters are dressed up, with Jonny in a suit with a bowtie, and Hadji wearing a pink turban and matching coat, and their arms are linked. When the bouncy castle deflates, Jonny and Hadji are bounced around and fall out with the other characters. Jonny is later seen thrown into an ambulance.

Jelly Wrestle Rumble!

Jonny and Hadji are cheering in the audience at a wrestling event.

Welcome to Jellystone

Jonny and Hadji work on the set for the town's film. They create large black planks to use in scenes to make it widescreen. Hadji speaks his first only line of the series in this episode: in response to Shazaam saying, "Nice job on those black movie bars, fellows," Hadji responds, "Thank you."

Behind the scenes

Series writer and storyboarder Melody Iza commented on Jonny and Hadji's relationship on Twitter:

  • "I don’t think we were able to have anything that explicitly said or showed it but they’re married".[1]
  • "While we didn’t get to be explicit about it, we definitely believe they’re happily married".[4]


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  • This is the second time that Jonny Quest and Hadji have been depicted as adults. The first was in the series The Venture Bros., where Jonny is renamed "Action Johnny" and Hadji is "Rajni".
  • This is the first time that Jonny and Hadji are suggested to have a romantic relationship with each other.

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