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Jean Leger was the fiancé of Lady Caroline from two hundred years ago. His soul could not rest until he was reunited with Lady Caroline, who believed him to be unfaithful with another woman.

He shared a partial resemblance to Jonny Quest.


Jean and Lady Caroline were engaged when Caroline found letters he had written to a shop girl on the mainland. Furious, she drowned him in a bog on the island, and somehow word spread that he was lost at sea.

Jean's vengeful ghost returned and pushed Lady Caroline from the widows walk to her death.

For two hundred years, the ghosts of both Jean Leger and Lady Caroline haunted Mornay Island.



Ghost of Jean: "I always loved you, Caroline. That other girl did mean nothing, but you wouldn't believe me."
Ghost of Caroline: "Liar! You betrayed me. You deserve to die in this bog."
Jean: "You left my soul in torment. My vengeful spirit returned to push you to your death."
Caroline: "Over and over and over!"
Jean: "You must believe me, Caroline. I have regretted it for centuries."

Caroline: "Oh, Jean. I was wrong to kill you. But my jealousy drove me to the brink of insanity. I loved you. I still love you."
Jean: "Forgive me."