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Baron Heinrich von Fruelich was a resident of Mariembourg, a castle in the Andes, where the Quest Team once made an emergency landing.

Physical appearance

Von Fruelich is an older man with a bald head and fair skin. He has one blue eyes; he is missing his right eye, which he keeps covered with a light-grey eyepatch.


The Baron is proud of his past days as a fighter pilot with the Condor Squadron. He's also sadistic, wanting to have a lethal aerial dogfight with Race to improve his own kill count.


The Baron was a member of the Condor Squadron during WWI. In 1918, "he was his countries top ace with 84 kills to his credit," according to Dr, Quest. After the war ended, he allegedly "flew into a rage" because he wanted to raise his kill count to an even hundred.

When Race Bannon make an emergency landing at his castle in Mariembourg, the Baron is impressed with his flying. He sabotages the Dragonfly that night so that it cannot be repaired, forcing Race to use one of his planes to fly out to get the necessary parts to fix it. But the Baron plans to shoot Race down in an aerial dogfight.

Once in the air, the Baron tries just that. Race is a skilled flier, but only the Baron's guns are loaded so Race is at a disadvantage. The Baron ends up crashing, dying in the crash.