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Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law is a comedic animated television series starring Harvey Birdman, a Hanna-Barbera superhero turned lawyer, and it commonly features other Hanna-Barbera characters. Members of the Quest Team, primarily Dr. Benton Quest and Race Bannon, appear throughout the series and star in two episodes.

The show portrays Dr. Quest and Race as being romantic partners and co-parents, and Dr. Quest as not knowing his children very well because he's more focused on his work.

Crossover characters

Main original series characters:

  • Dr. Benton Quest
  • Race Bannon
  • Jonny Quest
  • Hadji
  • Bandit


Crossover appearances

Bannon Custody Battle

Harvey and Dr. Quest in court

Main article: Bannon Custody Battle

Season 1, episode 1.

Race Bannon files for full custody of Jonny and Hadji, so Dr. Benton Quest hires Harvey Birdman to represent him. The episode additionally features Jonny Quest, Hadji, and Bandit. Various antagonists from the original series also appear, notably Dr. Zin.

Deadomutt: Part 2

Season 1, episode 8.

The Lizard Men appear in court. One of them, named Joe, testifies as a forensic pathologist with a Ph.D. in "butt prints". The other Lizard Men applaud him (like they did for Bill in episode 1.01). The lawyer asks Lizard Man Joe to identify a butt print from a crime scene, leading to Harvey getting his buttprint taken as evidence.

After Harvey's been in prison for five years and is about to be executed, and it's revealed to be his surprise birthday party instead, Lizard Man Joe is at the party.

Peanut Puberty

Season 2, episode 8.

Race and Dr. Quest make a brief cameo appearance in the background of one scene. They apparently play catch and football at the park while Peanut and Black Vulcan are talking about the latter's "first time" fighting crime.

Return of Birdgirl

Birdgirl presenting Dr. Quest and Race's case to Harvey

Main article: Return of Birdgirl

Season 3, episode 9.

Race Bannon and Dr. Quest want to form a legal same-sex partnership. Birdgirl brings the case to Harvey, and the case has to go to the highest court in the land.

Jonny, Hadji, Bandit, and various antagonists appear in photographs. Anubis makes an inexplicable appearance at the end.

Juror in Court

Season 4, episode 6.

Dr. Quest, the Lizard Men, Anubis, and Dr. Zin's spider robot all make brief cameos in this episode. When Mentok points something out, Dr. Quest briefly appears and holds a book for him. When all of Harvey's former cases need to be retried and everyone is released from prison, the Lizard Men, Anubis, and Dr. Zin's spider robot are all shown being released.

The Death of Harvey

Season 4, episode 7. Series finale.

Dr. Quest appears at the beginning in Harvey's office. He's seated at a tiny table during a tea party where fake tea is served in pink plastic cups, and Harvey is not handling it well that all of his cases need to be re-tried. Peter Potamus makes a joke about how he'd "like some A with my tea", then nudges Dr. Quest saying, "Get it? T and A?" but Dr. Quest shakes his head no. Harvey has filled his cup with alcohol and is heavily drinking. Dr. Quest takes the tea kettle away from Harvey and tries to talk to him. Harvey claims that he never tried Dr. Quest's case, but Dr. Quest reminds him that he did, although he struggles to remember the details, saying, "It had something to do with ... children! And there was a man, a tall, good-looking fellow," and he begins stroking the spout of the pink tea kettle.

Dr. Quest and Race have several brief appearances throughout the rest of the episode. In one scene, Race is putting up wallpaper with Dr. Quest; in a fight outside, Harvey's face is smashed through the wall, messing up their wallpaper. In the background of another scene, Race is wearing his apron and baking with Zardo.


Images from Bannon Custody Battle

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