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Hadji Singh is Jonny's adoptive brother, who is interested in mysticism and studying. He is also the Sultan of Bangalore, India.

Hadji's has notable differences from his original continuity character; he is now a few years older than Jonny, rather than being the same age; in season 1, he is Dr. Quest's assistant rather than his adopted son (although he is introduced as his son again in season 2); and his mystical abilities are more subtle and grounded in meditative practices (although he exercises more powers in season 2).

Physical appearance

Hadji is a teenager with black hair that goes past his shoulders, dark eyes, and brown skin.

In season 1, he typically wears a purple long-sleeved shirt, dark pants, white turban. In season 2, he typically wears a yellow shirt, red vest, khaki pants, and a white turban.

After Hadji learns of his heritage, his mother gives him a jewel that he begins wearing on his turban.

In-depth character background

Hadji Singh is the adoptive older brother of Jonny Quest and Dr. Benton Quest's adopted son, found in the classic episode "Calcutta Adventure." Hadji studied yoga and eastern mysticism while growing up, gaining abilities such as body temperature and breathing regulation. He often exhibits a fatalistic, calculated outlook towards most situations, contrasted with Jonny's impulsiveness. He is considered to be Sikh from the turban and having "Singh" in his name.


Being the oldest brother, his character was designed to be more reserved and level-headed. He shows more interest in practicing mystique arts or in assisting Dr. Quest in his work in contrast to Jonny who is enthusiastic and adventurous.


Along the series is proved to possessing mystical prowess and is skilled at hypnosis. He is also very skilled with computers.



  • Hadji's name is "Hadji Bingh" in various merchandising for The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest series, such as the book series.