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Hadji is the adopted son of Benton and Rachel Quest, and his adoptive brother and best friend is Jonny.

Physical appearance

Hadji is a pre-teen boy with brown eyes, black hair, and brown skin. He has a slim build. He typically wears a turban with a ruby.


Hadji isn't quick to get into the action himself, but he goes along with Jonny to help. He uses his powers when he can to help the team.

Hadji is best friends with Jonny, and cares for him and playfully teases him. When Jonny gets angry and closes off after the death of his mother, Hadji tries to get him to talk to him, and he worries about him. When Jonny is worried about how he looks before he meets up Jessie, Hadji teases him about it.

Hadji is close with his adoptive father. He works with Race to help to get Dr. Quest to take a new case with Intelligence One, and they both loudly make incorrect assessments of a golden mask to bait Dr. Quest into taking an interest. When Jonny runs off angrily in Japan, Hadji spends quality time with Dr. Quest, and they get snacks and talk.




Hadji appears in the following: