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Hadji is the adopted brother and sidekick of Jonny Quest.

Physical appearance

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He has limited supernatural abilities, allowing him to change probability of an outcome by using impossible methods for any regular person. Most commonly, he can levitate himself.


Early life

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Jonny Quest (1964 TV series)

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Jonny Quest (1986 TV series)

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Jonny Quest (Comico)

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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Hadji (TRA)

As a teen.

Main article: Hadji Singh

Hadji is named Hadji Singh in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. In season one, his adopted status is downplayed and he is described as Dr. Quest's assistant, but in season two, it's again clear that he's Dr. Quest's adopted son. Hadji's mystical powers are also much more subtle.

Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest

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