General Vostok was an ex-KGB agent turned terrorist.


The Real Adventuress of Jonny Quest

General Vostok grew up in the Soviet Union, becoming a patriot and radical communist who joined the KGB. During this time, he had several encounters with Race Bannon, and the two developed a mutual enmity. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Vostok and several other likeminded Russians became terrorists dedicated to creating a new Communist state, becoming infamous within Europe.

Vostok murdered archaeologists Novak and Yanoush and stole the Golden Schriv from them, planning to use the Schriv to control the Golem and use it to take over the Czech Republic. Enlisting the help of Professor Anton Karst, the two lured Benton Quest, his son Jonny, his adopted son Hadji Singh, and Race to Czech to translate the Golden Schriv. Vostok masqueraded as Karst's assistant and escorted Benton, Hadji, and Jonny to an isolated military base, while sending an assassin after Race.

After Benton translated the Schriv, Karst brought the Golem to life. Vostok then stole the Schriv from him, and sent the Golem to murder Karst and the Quests. The Golem severely injured Karst, though the Quests escaped. Vostok then sent the Golem to kill Czech President Alena Stasny, and the Golem nearly succeeded in killing them and the Quests. However, Karst attacked Vostok, and the distraction resulted in the Golem being paralyzed. Though Karst was crushed by rubble, Vostok had the Schriv stolen from him by Jonny and the Quest family dog Bandit; while Jonny destroyed the Golem, Vostok escaped.

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  • Vostok is voiced by Mark Hamill.
  • Based on the performance of Hamill in Rock of Rages, Vostok was kept alive, with a scene depicting his lifeless hand being seen out of the rubble being replaced with him having escaped.


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