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Dr. Zin is a brilliant scientist and a criminal, and he regularly antagonizes the Quest team.

Physical appearance

Dr. Zin is bald with brown eyes. In his illness, he has unhealthy pale skin with liver spots, and he requires an oxygen tank to help him breathe.


Dr. Zin is ruthless, both with his enemies and with his own people. One of his clones, who is essentially identical to him, gets Rachel Quest killed. He holds Jade Kenyan-Bannon hostage to force her daughter Jessie to manipulate the Quest team for him. When Zin is displeased with his human henchmen, he'll kill them and promote another in their place. Zin holds the entire world hostage with a weather-altering device in an attempt to take it over.


Jonny's Golden Quest

Dr. Zin has grown ill, and he is working on creating clones. His experiments in South America attract the attention of Intelligence One, who call in Dr. Quest and his team to look into it. During the mission, the Quest team discovers Dr. Zin, and Dr. Zin ends up killing Dr. Quest's wife Rachel.

Zin later kidnaps Jade Kenyan-Bannon, forcing her daughter Jessie to lie to the Quest team to get them to look for Dr. Vincent Devlon, who Jessie claims is her father.

Jonny Quest Versus the Cyber Insects

Dr. Zin bio-engineers an army of insects and disrupts the weather patterns of Earth in an attempt to become supreme emperor.




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