Dr. Zin is the arch-rival of Dr. Benton Quest in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. He uses science and technology for his own criminal purposes. He is assisted by his daughters Anaya and Melana Zin.

Physical appearance

Zin is an adult man with brown eyes, medium-light toned skin, a black goatee, and a bald head. He is of East Asian descent. Zin tends to be well-dressed with an asymmetrical suit jacket and an ascot.

When he was a younger man, he had a full head of black hair and a mustache.



Lucius Kreed sold Zin an experimental nerve gas, having his operatives retrieve it from an unknown location where it had been delivered.[1]



  • This character was from the original series; see Dr. Zin.
  • The original Dr. Zin did not have children, at least none that were known. The only other continuity in which Zin has a child is Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, in which Dr. Zin has a daughter named Jenny.


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