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This article is about the standard continuity character. For other uses, see Dr. Zin (disambiguation).

Dr. Zin is the recurring nemesis of Dr. Benton Quest.

Physical appearance

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Jonny Quest (1964 TV series)

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Jonny Quest (1986 TV series)

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Total appearances: 6.


Jonny Quest (Comico)

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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Main article: Dr. Zin (The Real Adventures)

Dr. Zin continues to try to take down Dr. Quest, this time with the help of his two daughters Anaya and Melana.

Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest

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Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Dr. Zin disguises himself as a bartender and drugs Race Bannon. This somehow allows him to create a near-perfect robot impostor of Race. When the real Race goes on vacation, Dr. Quest is so focused on his work that he doesn't notice that the robot impostor takes Race's place. The robot impostor files for custody of Jonny and Hadji, leading to a custody battle between the robot impostor and Dr. Quest.

Dr. Zin disguises himself as the court stenographer. Dr. Quest's lawyer Harvey exposes Zin's plan in court, and Zin is arrested.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Dr. Zin sends his mechanical dragon, piloted by his daughter Jenny, to steal the Quest X Power Source from Quest Research Labs. When the security dog Reggie attacks the dragon suit, he causes a fusion, sealing Jenny in the suit and fatally wounding Reggie. Unknown to Zin, Dr. Quest saved Reggie's life and used the Quest X Power Source to power the cybernetic parts. Five years later, Dr. Zin and Jenny are still seeking the Quest X Power Source. Realizing it's been placed inside Reggie (now known as the superhero dog Dynomutt), Zin tells Jenny to grab "the mutt", and she accidentally takes Scooby-Doo instead. After a confrontation with the Scooby gang, and a revelation that Dr. Zin is now after the Quest X Power Source to save his daughter's life, Reggie/Dynomutt shares his power with the dragon suit, releasing Jenny. Zin is grateful to have his daughter free of the suit, but he and Jenny still take off with jet packs, leaving the Scooby gang to die in resulting explosion of a volcano. Zin and Jenny get away.

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