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Dr. Forbes is a scientist who works with Dr. Vedder. Their work puts them in the path of Ezekiel Rage.

Physical appearance

Dr. Forbes is an older man with blue eyes, gray hair, and fair skin. He wears glasses. At Cascade Research, he wears a white lab coat.



At Cascade Research, Dr. Forbes and Dr. Vedder review the footage of the explosion of Big Baby I, a thermonuclear device that they set off in a volcano to disguise as a volcanic eruption. The lab is developing Big Baby II. Ezekiel Rage and his people break into the laboratory and steal Big Baby II. After Rage knocks down Dr. Vedder and leaves with the device, Dr. Forbes gets him up and tells him what happened.

Forbes and Vedder later get out of government work, and begin research on tectonic activity. At Meteor Valley State Park, the two prepare to descend two miles into the earth's crust, but Ezekiel Rage and his people arrive. Rage uses their equipment to lower a warhead two miles beneath the earth's crust, and he then has Forbes and Vedder pushed into hole and collapses the equipment on top of them, killing them. However, the Quest Team uses time travel to prevent these events from happening, and in the new timeline, Dr. Forbes and Dr. Vedder are not attacked at Meteor Valley State Park, and their research proceeds as planned.



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