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Derek Ironwood is a former agent of Intelligence One who seeks out the Mary Celeste.

Physical appearance

Iroonwood is an adult man with blond hair, a beard, blue eyes, and fair skin.


Ironwood was a greedy, conniving man who let nothing stand in his way of being rich.



Iroonwood used to be an agent of Intelligence One and worked with Race Bannon.

On assignment in Portugal, his target told him that "the true secret of the Mary Celeste was not the disappearance of her crew, but the fact that the ship's real cargo was gold."

In the Wake of Mary Celeste

As "Max Schumaker", Ironwood convinces Dr. Quest and Hadji Singh that he was the Captain of the Mary Celeste in a past life, and he pretends to vividly recall the sinking of the ship in November 1872. After Dr. Quest narrows down the location of the Mary Celeste, Ironwood accompanies him in the Sea Slug submersible to look for the wreck. Upon finding it and spotting the cargo of rum barrels, Ironwood fakes a regressive episode, forcing Dr. Quest to resurface before investigating the wreckage further. Ironwood later abducts Dr. Quest and Hadji, tying them up aboard another ship.

When Race and Jonny arrive and find the Questor abandoned, and the local police are unable to help, Ironwood approaches them as "Vladimir Oistrakh", a psychic investigator. He convinces Race that he has real abilities when he says that he has a vision of a dark alley in Khartoum where Race killed a man with his bare hands. They hold a seance aboard the Questor where "Oistrakh" channels Dr. Quest's spirit and tells Race and Jonny to leave. This convinces Race that Oistrakh is a fraud and he locks him up.

Ironwood escapes, but Race put a tracker on the boat he steals, and Race and Jonny follow him that night to another ship. Ironwood gets them at gunpoint, and reveals his identity. He tells them that he's after the Mary Celeste because it's cargo is gold. He throws Jonny and Race into a room with Dr. Quest and Hadji, with plans to blow up the ship after he leaves. Ironwood takes a speedboat and leaves with the gold cargo of the Mary Celeste, but a light appears in the water beneath him and pulls down his boat, apparently killing him.



  • Robert Foxworth later voiced Race Bannon in Season 2.


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