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D.B. Graves is a trophy hunter hired by Vince Vance to kill the white tiger in Manhattan.

Physical appearance

Graves is an adult man with short brown hair and fair skin. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye.


Graves is intent on killing the tiger without introspection or remorse.


Vance hires Graves and has him theatrically arrive at a press conference via helicopter. Vance announces on the air that he's hired Graves to kill the tiger for $100,000, but if Graves doesn't do it, then he'll pay the reward to whoever does.

When Karl uses Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji to trap the tiger, he calls Vance, who arrives with his cameraman and Graves to catch the shooting on camera. However, the kids let the tiger out of its trap. Before Graves can shoot the freed tiger, Karl and the others stand in his way. Race arrives and shoots the tiger with a tranquilizer. The tiger jumps and knocks Graves' gun from his hand, and when he reaches to pick up his gun, Race steps on his hand to stop him. Race then mangles Graves' gun to prevent him from shooting the tiger. Graves takes his bent gun and leaves.


Graves: "Forget about it, New York. The reward is mine. I will hunt down and terminate that tiger with extreme prejudice."


D.B. Graves appears in the following:


  • The character is "DB Graves" in the episode credits and "D.B. Graves" on the trading card.