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Locations in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.

United States

Locations in the United States.

State City or region Notable locations Appearance
Arizona 1.11
Arizona Four Corners Indian Preservation School 1.19
Arizona Grand Canyon 1.13
California San Francisco Museum 1.12
Florida Cape Canaveral Space center 1.04
Florida Everglades Okeechobee 1.25
Illinois Chicago Belle Isle Institute for the Insane 1.02
Maine Rockport Quest Compound 1.01, recurring
Maine Rockport Jonny and Jessie's school 1.18
Maine Lewiston Amtrak station 1.11
Missouri Springfield 1.11
New Jersey Pine Barrens Home of Sarah and Josiah Williams 1.17
New Mexico 1.08
New Mexico Roswell Alice Starseer's ranch 1.11
New York New York City various 1.06
Oklahoma Quinlan 1.11
Texas Sunray Rankin Air Service 1.11
Virginia Arlington Pentagon 1.08
Washington, D.C. The White House, Washington Monument 1.10
Wyoming Cheyenne Rodeo 1.26


Continent or region Country City or region Notable locations Appearance
Arctic North Pole Rage's base 1.24
Africa Tanzania Serengeti National Park Elephant's graveyard 1.05
Africa Seychelles Christie Island 1.07
Asia India Calcutta Pasha's Shop 2.03
Asia India Bangalore Sultan's Palace 2.03, 2.19
Asia India Bangalore mountains Shambala 2.19
Asia India Darjuna National Park 1.06
Asia Nepal Mugu Cabin 1.08
Asia Nepal Khumbu Khumbu Monastery 1.22
Europe Greece Melos Island Museum 1.18
East Europe Russia Moscow 1.04
East Europe Russia Siberia Settlement under the ice 1.23
North America Canada The Yukon 1.20
South America Peru Rain forest El Dorado 1.03
South America Peru 1.21
South America Panagua 1.08
South Pacific Borneo 1.15

Bodies of water

Body of water Region Notably includes Appearance
Atlantic Ocean Bermuda Shipwreck of the Ivory Web 1.01
Atlantic Ocean Sargasso Sea Shipwreck of the Mary Celeste 1.14
Indian Ocean Various islands Captain Havel's ship graveyard 1.07
Indian Ocean Madagascar Surd's ship off the coast 1.16
Pacific Ocean Hawaii 1.16
Pacific Ocean Easter Island 1.21

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