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Cartoon Files Magazine Spotlight on the Jonny Quest Files is a reference book by James Van Hise released in 1986. It's part of the Files Magazine series.

It is alternatively titled Cartoon File Magazine Spotlight On: The Jonny Quest Files on the title page, Cartoon Files Magazine: The Jonny Quest File on the spine, and simply The Jonny Quest Files in some marketing.

The magazine was released just prior to the new 1986 Jonny Quest television series. The content focuses on the original 1964 television series, and it also reveals some of the updated character designs and plans for the then-upcoming 1986 series.


The magazine is 58 pages, including 7 pages of advertising for similar magazines at the back of the book.

It contains five main sections:

  • Introduction
  • Episode Guide
  • Interview: Doug Wildey, The Creator
  • Interview: Mark Young, The Editor
  • Interview: Joe Barbera, Head Honcho


  • The magazine does not have an ISBN or UPC.
  • The edition printed by Borgo Press in 1987 has the ISBN-10: 0809580853 / ISBN-13: 9780809580859.



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